You may be reading this article and you’re 24 years old. While randomly scrolling down you just bump into this article and while reading you start (thinking how this is useful for me because I’m too young) and suddenly you start coughing, It’s not stopping is it? And it’s getting worst!

Just by now you’re standing and trying to pour some water for yourself and suddenly everything is shaking. The water bottle in your hand, the glass in your other hand and THEN everything blacks out!

When you open the eyes you are on the hospital bed and waiting for the doctor to tell you that it was just a simple blackout, and you’re doing fine. Just than the doctor enters with the handful of CT scans and reports… and in a flash you faint again!

If the doctor tells you that “you’re suffering from critical illness of cancer. You may have to go through from chemotherapy and the process what would be the first thing that will comes up to your mind? Why me? I’m just too young for this you know? This thing happens to old people? I am at the prime of my health?

Amidst all these questions, that our logical mind asks us, we need to read this one:

According to Dr Neelam (Consultant medical oncologist of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (SKMCH&RC), cancer is now one of the world’s biggest healthcare challenges. Every year, 8.2 million people die worldwide due to cancer while 14 million new cancer cases are registered every year. It is the commonest cause of death in many countries and globally effort are being made to understand its risk factors and how to prevent it. She went on to say that due to the ongoing research and preventation strategies in the developed countries, cancer incidence has gone down 25 percent. Unfortunately, on the other hand, cancer incidence ration is going up in low and middle income countries such as Pakistan, This is indeed a matter of great concern.

If you are an individual who has recently graduated and looking for career growth in the next 10 years but unluckily if you’re diagnosed with any of the critical illnesses. What will be your approach if you could get the chance to go back in time and do something? Would you get a backup plan, so that if/when you face this kind of situation it would help you financially to face the music with more confidence.

For these kinds of situations where you encounter yourself from “Critical Illness” that includes:

  1. Cancer
  2. Multiple Sclerosis
  3. Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery (CABGS)
  4. Paralysis
  5. Heart attack
  6. Aplastic Amenia
  7. Renal Failure
  8. Benign Brain tumour
  9. Stroke
  10. Deafness
  11. Surgery of Aeorta
  12. End-stage lung disease
  13. Blindness
  14. Loss of limbs
  15. Heart Valve Replacement
  16. Loss of speech
  17. Major organ transplant
  18. Major head tumour

There is a plan that will help you go through this critical time, lessening your financial burden that comes with such life-threatening illnesses by Jubilee General Insurance “Critical illness Plan”

what is the Jubilee General Insurance Critical illness plan?

It is an insurance benefit that pays out a lump sum on the customer being diagnosed with a pre-defined critical illness like cancer or is undergoing a pre-defined medical procedure (like coronary artery bypass graft).

The customer has complete control over how he/she wishes to utilize the claim amount under critical illness insurance which complements the health insurance cover and safeguards the individual financially.

Unlike life insurance which is income protection due to death, critical illness is a living benefit. Critical illness insurance is a must-have for everybody.

It pays you, not your beneficiary. It helps you tide over unforeseen medical crises and pays you the lump sum insured should you survive 28 days of the critical illness.” But the insurance has its set of exclusions. For example, patients with diabetes or certain other pre-existing conditions would not be able to get the cover.

 It is advisable that people should buy the insurance when they are young and healthy. “The age limit varies from company to company. The maximum age for purchasing the cover is 50.”

A person’s age and health determine the cost of the cover. It depends not only on the insured, but also company and its policy.

“But as a rule of thumb, a 35 year old should be looking at taking a cover that is equivalent to five-seven times of his annual income.

The advantage of getting a Critical Illness plan is less premiums and more benefits. This policy comes up with cheaper premiums if your compare it with usual healthcare insurance and also has problem solving approaches such as: You can pay for your travelling if/when going for your treatments, Paying your debts during your treatment, Paying school fees for your kids during your treatment.

So now that you understand the importance of critical illness and the coverage it provides, don’t forget to check Jubilee General Insurance “Critical Illness plan”

Have a Safe time!

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