Parental Control for Internet

Parental Control for Internet

One of the greatest advantages of internet service is the availability of information at the click of a button. Irrespective of what and where the information is, it can be viewed by anyone on their web browser. With the World Wide Web, the world has turned into one global village.

But this information availability has its downsides as well. Where positive information is available, so is negative one that can leave a lasting imprint. Pornography is readily available in form of words, pictures and videos on thousands of websites that can strongly affect the psyche of children. Similarly violent content or information suitable for adults is also accessible to anyone irrespective of their ages. Websites loaded with viruses and malware scripts can harm not only the computer but can steal sensitive data stories on computer, from personal information to credit card details etc.

As television has parental controls, so does the internet. In Pakistan Wi-Tribe offers one such service. Net Nanny, as it is called, is one of the most trusted parental control softwares. With additional charges of Rs. 149/month, the subscriber can regulate, filter and block the family internet usage that includes:

– Time spent online

– Messengers

– Social Media Networks

– Online Games

– and 35 other categories to choose from.

Net Nanny is not limited to just regulations. It also provides email notifications about web traffic, websites visited, time spent, nature of activities on social media networks etc. With this, the subscriber can keep an eye on unhealthy activities and prevent harmful websites from affecting family computers.

And it also helps to know if the younger generation is bypassing the security somehow as traffic details will reveal such methods. With Parental Control it is best to be safe than experience any harm.

Do you use any parental control method? How has been your experience? Share it with us in the comments below.

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