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Is CharJi The Real 4G?

Wasio Abbasi
May 07, 2015

PTCL’s CharJi device is the latest product in Pakistan and the company claims it to be the fastest wireless internet in the country. It is also compared with 4G services offered by Zong and Warid based on speed and coverage.

But is PTCL’s CharJi really 4G technology? And how is PTCL able to use 4G technology without going through license process like other telecom companies? SmartChoice.pk feels that users of  PTCL internet packages in Pakistan should be aware of the difference and realize potential of each service.


CharJi is not the real 4G, nor does PTCL claims it to be 4G service. A theoretical download speed of 36 Mbps is more like super fast 3G since 4G speed is even higher, approaching 42 Mbps (and above). To offer true 4G service, PTCL would need dedicated 10 MHz bandwidth from 1800 frequency spectrum. With the said device, there are two different PTCL internet packages with 25GB and 50GB of data volume respectively.

PTCL CharJi device utilizes CDMA network of PTCL to provide theoretical speed up to 36 Mbps. This is the same technology used by Sprint and Verizon in the U.S.A and PTCL offers vfone service, Evo 3.1/9.3 for internet and now CharJi for much higher internet speed. CDMA is the same network used for WLL (Wireless Local Loop) services and PTCL had acquired technology neutral license for 13 regions of Pakistan. This includes frequency bands 1800/2100 that are essential for data services.

PTCL doesn’t have enough spectrum band to offer true 4G services and the frequencies it uses are shared with its other services like Evo Wingle (3.1/9.3) and Vfone.

Technology Neutral License

PTCL and Warid had purchased frequency bands back in 2004 with technology neutral license for nationwide mobile telephony. Of the 1800 frequency spectrum, used for 4G/LTE services, Warid had acquired 8.8 MHz and PTCL 6 MHz. Using the same license Warid launched LTE service without participating in 3G/4G spectrum auction held in 2014. PTCL used the same approach for launch of CharJi service, by using existing spectrum and technology neutral license to offer higher speed service. Since Warid has low market share, the existing bandwidth doesn’t have much traffic compared to other operators while PTCL’s bandwidth competes with its vfone service (which also has low traffic).


PTCL’s CharJi is not the real 4G. PTCL itself doesn’t commit a speed of 36 Mbps, rather it fluctuates between 4 – 8 Mbps depending upon traffic load, and the competition within its own services prevents consistent performance. Backward compatibility with 3.1/9.3 and largest network coverage allows internet availability even in some remote areas are positive aspects of the service. For people who have used CharJi device, many experience speed not much better than standard 3G services due to various factors.

If you are CharJi user, kindly share your experience of the service in comments.

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19 responses to “Is CharJi The Real 4G?”

  1. Yaseen Khan Mohmand says:

    I am a charji device user this is 100 Percent true. it gave me 22mbps speed once for like 2 mins. but that was it.

    • akram shahid says:

      Where are u from

    • Muhammad Saqib Hanif says:

      don’t mislead people… if you once get 22mbps once for 2 minutes that does not mean that other users ll have that chance in their life time… PTCL is simply bloody money sucking leach company

  2. Mugheera Tarar says:

    I doubt the accuracy of your tests.i m getting better speeds than zong or warid 4g in Islamabad.i sometimes get the speed upto 3000 kBs and normally its between 1400 and 1500kBs.

    • Charji speeds are quite variable and depends heavily on area whereas Zong is quite consistent and reliable in major and semi urban cities. Zong results are only getting better with time.

    • Muhammad Saqib Hanif says:

      if somebody is living in Islamabad may try Charji but i advise definitely don’t think about PTCL if you are living in Bahria Town Lahore.

      • Majid Shahzad Khan says:

        Muhammad Saqib Hanif, i live in bahria town lahore, i use zong 4G, but it damn sucks, speed is too low and net disconnects every time, can you plz advice any internet service which is best in bahria town lahore?

  3. akram shahid says:

    Charji is just like evo 9.3. It shows 3G network since I am using it. Customer care Representative says charji service is not available in bahawalpur

  4. Waqas says:

    I bought Char ji wingle and using in Bahria town lahore. Speed test shows less than 1 mbps while PTCL claims it for 36mbps. Very shame on PTCl that they always break their promise and to misguide people.

    • Aini says:

      agree with you Mr.waqar
      same with me i am monthy paying Rs.2000 for speed of 0.36Mbps by DEAR PTCL who claims it gives 36Mbps. Despite of number of complaints no response from their higher management.A full failure PTCL,eveytime lying.

    • ADNAN NAZIR says:

      bhai ap jhoot bol rhy ho.

      • Muhammad Saqib Hanif says:

        ADNAN NAZIR bhai sharam karo … i am myself victim of PTCL fraud… I
        bough chrgi evo cloud R600A and never was able to find 4G / LTE signal.
        even at 3G speed never go up than 200 kbps… that’s real shame for PTCL.

        • ADNAN NAZIR says:

          ok jani. tension na ho. theak keh rhy ho gy 😛 😛

        • Majid Shahzad Khan says:

          Muhammad Saqib Hanif,
          i live in bahria town lahore, i use zong 4G, but it damn sucks, speed
          is too low and net disconnects every time, can you plz advice any
          internet service which is best in bahria town lahore?

    • Majid Shahzad Khan says:

      Waqas i live in bahria town lahore, i use zong 4G, but it damn sucks, speed
      is too low and net disconnects every time, can you plz advice any
      internet service which is best in bahria town lahore?

  5. AbdulB1 says:

    Author is wrong on all fronts. The reason is why ptcl calls it chaji not 4g is because they dont have a 4g license. Secondly all charji devices support LTE. If ptcl is not using LTE then why they even sell these devices at premium?. If you are using huawei device better use hilink software on android to clear your doubts

  6. Karim Mombani says:

    Is ZONG 4g better than PTCL Charji

  7. Muhammad Saqib Hanif says:

    Friends don’t fell victim of any rosy review… PTCL is bloody money sucking leach company, don’t fall for cheaper options. people working at PTCL are really cheap one.

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