PTCL cuts prices to compete with Zong

PTCL cuts prices to compete with Zong

PTCL has realised the growing competition in wireless broadband, particularly Zong‘s devices, that are posting strong numbers and performances. To keep up with the changing dynamics, PTCL broadband has exponentially upgraded its packages and has now come up with some new and exciting offers.

Both new and existing Evo users can now subscribe to the PTCL packages with updated prices and increased data plans that will be valid until 31st December 2015.

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*Fair Usage Policy of 300 GB applies

Monthly line rent are inclusive of all taxes (including WHT)

Additional Usage on Evo 9.3 at Rs. 100/GB and 0.15/MB on postpay and prepay respectively

Additional 5 GB volume bucket for Rs. 500 on CharJi Evo prepay and postpay

Downgrade Charges of Rs. 570 apply for the 15 GB EVO 9.3 Package Only. This applies to existing subscribers who wish to change their package to the 15 GB package with Rs. 1,000 MRC. These subscribers will be required to pay the one-time charge of Rs. 570.

These PTCL net packages are only valid for Evo Wingle and Cloud devices of EVO 9.3 and CharJi. The device charges are separate which are as follows:

3G EVO Wingle = Rs. 1,500

3G EVo Nitro Cloud = Rs. 3,000

CharJi EVO Wingle = Rs. 2,500

CharJi EVO Cloud = Rs. 3,500

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some of the FAQs to answer questions that both new and existing users may have in mind. If you have any question other than listed below, leave a message or call on the number listed in Contact Us part of this blog.

Q1) How will a customer pay downgrade charges?
A1) The downgrade charges apply to existing subscribers who wish to change their broadband package to the 15 GB Package (Rs. 1,000 line-rent). Package change charges of Rs. 570 will apply in this case. Customers will be required to have Rs. 500 balance in their account before applying for package change in the case of Prepaid (Customer upon recharging Rs. 570 will have 500 remaining in his account for package change charges). In the case of postpaid the charges will be included in the subscribers bill i.e Rs. 570 + Rs. 1,000 line-rent.

Q2) What is an existing subscriber wishes to change their package to the Unlimited EVO 9.3 package? Will they pay additional charges?

A2) No. The package change charges apply ONLY for the 15 GB PTCL packages. Standard package change scenario will apply for all other promo packages.

Q3) Is the promotion valid till the 31st of October, or the 31st of December?

A3) The promotion is valid for SALES till the 31st of October, 2015. Subscribers who purchase their devices before October, 31st will receive the packages described above. These packages with their volumes etc will be valid till the 31st of December. On the 1st of January, 2016 the volumes will be revised as presented above.

Q4) Will customer pay 14% WHT in addition to the monthly line-rent?

A4) As mentioned above, all monthly line-rents are inclusive of all taxes including WHT. Customer has to pay only the monthly line-rent stated as per their PTCL internet package.

Q5) What about the additional usage bucket on CharJi? Will the customer pay Rs. 500 for 5 GB or Rs 570 after WHT?

A5) The additional usage charges are also inclusive of WHT. Customer will receive additional 5 GB for Rs. 500 on CharJi.


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