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5 Most Traveled Destinations from Pakistan that Require Travel Insurance

Although not many countries ask for travelers to buy travel insurance, some countries have passed the law due to rising medical expenses of foreigners. Many countries expect travelers to buy travel insurance alongside their visas. It is a requirement to protect travelers from unexpected catastrophes. Travel insurance takes care of unforeseen expenses in case of any misfortunes, and hazard related situations.

The per-trip coverage is the most common type of travel insurance applied for, which is ideal for single trips. This kind of protection is ideal for people who travel occasionally only. Multi-trip coverage provides protection for multiple trips during one year. This kind of coverage is ideal for businessmen, celebrities and athletes.

Why is it needed?

Travel Insurance can cover trip cancellation, lost luggage, emergency medicinal costs, flight delays or accident etc. In case of a sudden death in the family, immediate return prior to plans or any sickness, travel insurance at times covers non-refundable expenses.

Occasions which are considered viable reasons for travel insurance to cover trip cancellation include:

  1. Business clashes
  2. Issue in the preparation of visa or passport
  3. Ailment or death
  4. Climate related issues

Travel insurance can also help cover medical costs if you fall sick during your trip, and have to be hospitalized or even on the off chance that any traveler has to be immediately flown home to get legitimate care.

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5 most traveled destinations by Pakistanis where travel insurance is a must

Even though the list of countries that require travel insurance before entry is currently small, the number is growing day by day. Here is a list of countries for Pakistani travelers that require proof of travel insurance or medical insurance before travelers are allowed entry beyond the country border.

1. Turkey

Ankara Turkey

Turkey, now a days is the most favorite destination for Pakistani expats for leisure, business and permanent residence.

All expats require travel health insurance who are under the age of 65 traveling to turkey on long stay tourist visa have to have unlimited in-patient treatment coverage.

Buy travel insurance for Turkey

2. 26 Schengen Countries (Europe)

schengen visa insurance

In Europe 26 countries have acknowledged the abolishment of their internal borders and have also signed the Schengen treaty. Anyone applying for the Schengen visa to enter Europe must have international health insurance. The travelers can stay up to 90 days but they are required to have a valid passport, with at least three months of validity past the entry date, proof of a round trip ticket home and travel insurance, without which the traveler will be denied entry at borders.

The 26 countries in the zone are Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

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3. UAE


Anyone who apply for a visit or tourist visa to the UAE need to have a proof of insurance, no matter their nationality, age or gender. Health insurance is mandatory for visitors or travelers to enter the UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi etc). Even if you are passing through, you will need proof of insurance. Only travelers who don’t need visas on arrival are exempt from this rule.

4. Qatar


Qatar demands medical insurance from expats and visitors, a measure put in place to fight the raising expenses of foreigners medical care at the state’s expense.

5. USA


Visitors or tourists do not necessarily have to obtain travel insurance to enter the USA. Travel insurance is not required if you are applying for a B1/ B2 visa, for a short business trip or holiday yet, understand that it is highly advised because visitors have to pay their own medical bills. Medical bills can fall into the steep side quickly, there can be any kind of emergency so travelers should consider buying travel insurance. Also, people applying for J1, F1 and H1 visas should have US health insurance coverage; It is necessary for them.

When to apply for travel insurance?

Travel insurance should be kept in mind before applying for a visa.

You should start your travel insurance research early in the trip planning process. This way you can have all the necessary paperwork and documents ready when they are needed for your travel visa requirements. Contact the embassy of the country you wish to visit and determine the requirements of travel insurance for your visit. You will then need to obtain travel insurance from any good insurance company.

Travel insurance premiums are based on the type of coverage, the traveler’s age, length of stay and other factors. The cost of policies may also vary by destination.

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Is it a safe financial investment?

The benefits of travel insurance are without doubt countless. It provides maximum security to travelers while they are in a foreign country.

Most medical insurance policies do not apply to people beyond the borders of their country, but a travel medical insurance plan can take care of that and can cover for any eligible medical expenses incurred while abroad.

A travel insurance plan, helps avoid unnecessary financial risk. You can receive most of your payment back in case of emergency or trip cancellations. People who travel frequently should invest in travel insurance for it can be the difference between life and death. Any mishap can ruin a trip, or an unexpected illness or injury can strike during or before. Travel insurance is equivalent to investing in your life.

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