Top 5 European Destinations for Pakistanis for Family Vacation -

Top 5 European Destinations for Pakistanis for Family Vacation

Holidays to other cities and areas of the world are the perfect time to boost family relationships. They are surely an option to reduce stress. European countries have a large list of places that are perfect to be considered for a family destination as they are full of hotels and restaurants that are child-friendly and also offer halal food for Muslims.

Keeping in mind the interest of kids as well as people of all ages and the ways they can be pleased easily, here are some of the amazing destinations to explore now.

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The London City, England

The London City is surely one of the most amazing cities in the world. London is a playful city with a large number of glorious parks and playground destinations in and around the city. It has plenty to entertain kids as well as the elders in the family thread.

A wide range of museums and sports venues are also a charm to surprise the teens with different likes and dislikes. From changing of guards to the tower of London, there is a lot of historical heritage that the city brings to life, every single day.

If any of your family members like to explore the history, London is probably the best place to visit. Most of the museums here offer free entry.

The famous English writer Samuel Johnson once said that “You find no man, at all intellectual, who is willing to leave London. No, Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.” It has been more than 2 hundred years since he said these words, but it is true until today.

Life in London is revitalizing and worth liking. Thou one visit to London is not enough but even if you cannot go there again (as there is much more else in the world to explore as well), you must visit this place at least once in your life. And for sure it is a perfect destination for a family trip.

In this city, both past and present can be witnessed with all its charm. From the Tate Modern to the Towers of London, all are worth seeing live. The Royals are still respected there and so do is the love for the arctic monkey and the Adele.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you have had any trip to Amsterdam all alone, you have to forget about it now. There is much more than coffee shops and the club night at the Amsterdam that is worth watching with the family. The destination is perfectly ideal to have a trip with kids and family.

Visiting the city by cycle or by boat is probably the best idea to start with. The Van Gogh museum is a place you must not miss however you will need to buy the tickets in advance to make sure that you are not standing in lines for long before you enter the amazing place.

If you have kids of mid-primary school and above that, the Anne Frank House is one of the best options to offer you an unforgettable insight into the horrors of the war.  Even if any of your family members do not like food and are not willing to eat chips or cupcake, the Dutch food will make them eat like crazy. It is also said that  Amsterdam is one of the easiest going family city destination in Europe.

Efteling would be a great place to have a side trip, in case you have got some extra time. And if you are at Amsterdam, Holland theme park is not a place to miss.  This is a city of Netherlands and you can enjoy the amazing Indonesian cuisine in the full moonlight.

You can ride a bike around the maze of canals that are built in the memory of the holocaust, described through the eyes of Anne Frank and much more that you can witness in the city.

Copenhagen, Denmark

This place might not be soothing to your fairytale imaginations that come with a happy ending. However, you can find some other fascinating turns.

Tivoli is one of the most exciting amusement parks in the Copenhagen and is there at the time of Hans Christian Andersen. The park presents a number of surprising rides, funfair booths, flower gardens and amazing dining venues for families and couples.

Another plus point for Copenhagen is that it is compact so you can easily take your family from one place to another.  Mostly tourist gets attracted towards Copenhagen for three reasons; a visit of Little Mermaid statue at the Langelinie Pier, to shop the antiques along the Stroget and to see the frolic at the Tivoli Gardens.

However, this is not the point where the fun stops. There are many museums and parks with the royal palaces and are huddled around Indre Bay. There is a gallery in the Holmen by Islands Brygge, the beer near Frederiksberg Park and the dining Michelin-style in the Pilestraede. If you are planning to visit the Copenhagen be sure that you are taking maximum time out to enjoy the city at its full.

Salzburg, Austria

You are always ready to enjoy the high beat and loud music and if you are thinking of going to Vienna, better would be to skip thinking about it and go to Salzburg.

This is might be the best place in Europe for music lovers. You can have amazing horse drawn rides with your family and can have a complete tour of old town just in 25 minutes.

Another amazing place to see with your family is the Hellbrunn Palace. The Palace has a 17th-century villa whose garden is amazingly designed by Markus Sittikus Von Hohenems and Price Archbishop.

For the kids who love to be in water or play water games, a tour of water game filled state can bring you the exciting time for soaking your siblings and enjoy the family time.

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Rome, Italy

Who does not know the ancient history of Rome and what makes it the most amazing and enchanting place to visit, at least once in a lifetime. When you are planning to spend a family time, somewhere in Europe, you must plan for Rome, right now.

The place is a capital of ancient history and brings your eyes the stunning beauty of nature and some fantastic cuisine to sooth all your taste buds. The visit to Colosseum in Rome will bring some good thinking to your kids and will surely help them to witness, understand and learn the history in a better way.

Rome is the city of seven hills and has enjoyed amazing mythic beginning. Spending a day at the Colosseum, if end up with an afternoon at the café on the Piazza Navona with the big pasta plate at the Trattoria, is a pure delight.

Rome is known well for its history and structures like Pantheon and the Roman Forum with dozens of churches are the amazing historic gem that is worth watching.

It is also a perfect place for art enthusiastic people as they can visit the Vatican museum. While foodies can enjoy the splendid Italian food to surprise their taste buds.

Considering to visit one of these locations, at least once in your lifetime is a must while you are planning to spend some quality time with your family and make them enjoy the best of it.

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