Top 5 Islamic Countries for Leisure Travel for Pakistanis -

Top 5 Islamic Countries for Leisure Travel for Pakistanis

Islam is the second largest religion in the world. Muslim countries in the world are full of charm and beauty of its own that is exceptional, enchanting and mesmerizing. Simplicity is the beauty of Islamic culture and has led it to become more attractive for the entire world, since centuries. The more you go deep into the cultural and ethnic mix of Muslims, living in different parts of the world, the more you will find about the charm of being in a Muslim community. The amazing combination of the climatic variations and Islamic values is the reason why there are many Islamic countries in the world that are top listed in the most amazing leisure travel countries of the world.

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If you have never been to a country with a considerable Muslim population, it is the time to book your trip now. For your ease, we are here listing down the top destinations that will help you have an actual perspective of Islam and enjoy the true essence of Muslim culture and religion while having an amazing trip alongside

1. Indonesia

The country has the largest Muslim population in the world with about 87% of the country residents are Muslims. Apart from surfing in the Bali, which makes more than 13,000 islands in Indonesia, you can explore many other things including the hiking in the rainforest, World Height Heritage Sites, the Active Volcanoes, the Snorkel in the coral reefs and the ancient human fossils.


While you can see one of the oldest “Great Mosque of Demak” you can see Buddhist and Hindu temples and the remnant of the Dutch colonial history as well. Indonesia is the home of more than 20% of the coral reefs of the world. At the same time, it has the best Scuba diving and snorkelling you can find. There are different opportunities available for the beginner and experience in diving. You can easily shop economical scuba diving equipment from the nearby locations.

Another amazing thing about the place is the food. You can eat here for days and still have many things new to try. Some of the popular food items from that you must try include; Satay that is made of a chicken skewer; Nasi goreng that is made of fried rice plate with other food items like vegetables, chicken and egg; and Gudeg which is made of boiled young jackfruit served with sambal sauce, rice and chicken.

Indonesia is one of the largest producers of coffee in the world. You can also visit 17,000 islands with some gorgeous beaches. You can enjoy a number of water sports like surfing, parasailing, or riding a banana boat. While being in Indonesia you can hang out on the amazing beach Kuta in Bali or the pink beach as part of the Komodo Island. The people in Indonesia are friendly and proud of their history, culture, food, wildlife and more and they are passionate about sharing their heritage with others.

2. Malaysia

Malaysia has more than 60% of Muslim population. The birthday of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the National holiday in Malaysia. While other holidays include the Chinese New Year, Christmas and Deepavali- a Hindu festival also known as Diwali. Along with the Twin Petronas Towers, you can visit the Islamic Art Museum of Malaysia. You can also visit many caves, mosques, beaches and nature reserves including the elephant orphanage. Malaysia is well served with the modern architecture, and the city of Kuala Lumpur is an amazing place to admire the modern architecture. The contemporary skyscrapers in here create some amazing and Iconic skylines in Asia.


Malaysia has been colonized and influenced by cultures from all parts of the globe. Its closeness to China has made Malaysia one of the excellent places for Chinese cuisine and to experience its vibrant heritage.  In the George Town, you can have the first-hand experience of the Chinatown in Malaysia. Malaysia is an amazing place to visit for the sports lovers. Malaysia hosts a number of excellent hiking spots in the country and Mount Kinabalu are one of them. In simple words, you can find a mean of entertainment for all members of the family while visiting Malaysia.

3. Morocco

Morocco is considered to have 99% of Muslim population, making it the 11th largest Muslim population of the world. You can buy all kinds of crafts in the souk in the markets of Marrakech and campaign with the Berbers in the desert while enjoying the coastal views in the Rabat and the ancient architecture of the Atlas Mountains. You can also enjoy the sampling of traditional food cooked in special clay pots and add enchanting feel to your trip.


Morocco brings its visitors the pleasure of visiting the old imperial cities filled up with the history and characters to inspire. The four imperial cities include; Fes, Marrakech, Rabat and Meknes and you must visit them while on your trip to Morocco. These cities of Morocco have a number of interesting historical attractions including; the old medina, Lasbah of the Oudaias and Hassan Tower.

Morocco will also help you to experience the mixed cultural influences from the Berbers and the Arabs. Both these groups have had their contribution to the rich culture and tradition that we can see in Morocco today. You can also find the influence of other cultures in the country including; Muslims from North Africa, French, Spanish, Portuguese and even Jews. Another amazing thing you can see there is the only Jewish Museum in the Arab World that is located in the Casablanca.

4. Oman

Oman has 88% of Muslim population where you can visit the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque and the Royal Opera House. You can also enjoy the diverse environment in the Middle East. Oman has beaches, mountains and caves that are really enjoyable. The capital of Oman is Muscat that was once named as one of the best cities by Lonely Planet. If you can, visit it once to find what makes it stand among the best cities.


The rich heritage of Oman is the key trend that regenerate the sense of pride in the ancient culture and a soulful eye towards the development. The local cuisines are serving history on a plate and spice from the sea trade with India adds piquancy to the grilled meat dishes.

For adventurous people, the country offers beautiful deserts at the Wahiba Sanda where you can do surfing, camel trekking or camping in the starry nights.

5. Jordan

It is the home of the famous ancient city of Petra and owns some of the best preserved Roman ruins in the Jerash. Jordan has about 94% Muslim population and own religious sites for many different religions. Jordanians are considered to be the most hospitable people in the world. They are also famous for their kindness. They are always ready to help people and will never hesitate to go beyond making sure that the guest is enjoying in their country. If you are visiting Jordan, be prepared to get many invitations for tea or dinner.


Another plus point is that Jordan is safe. Although geopolitically it is located in the red zone, Jordan is comfortably sheltered from the issues in the region. At the same time, it is very safe to travel around the country, alone or in the group.

There is much more in Arabic cuisine than hummus and falafel. The traditional homemade Jordanian food is very healthy and tasty and you must not miss on your trip to Jordan. Luckily for the food lovers, eating out in Jordan, even in the fanciest restaurant is very cheap. 

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Other amazing countries you can consider visiting includes; Turkey, Algeria, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Maldives, or Spain etc. no matter wherever you plan your trip this holiday, make sure you have had an idea about the cultural norms and traditions of the region before booking your trip. With no doubt, Islam is a rich religion and you can surely experience amazing things whatever Islamic country you visit. Visiting any of these places will give you immense knowledge and opportunity to experience the cultural diversities among Islamic nations in different parts of the world.

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