How to Prepare Yourself Against Uncertainties in Life? -

How to Prepare Yourself Against Uncertainties in Life?

Uncertainty is the only certain thing and known how to live with insecurity is the only security.  According to John Aleen Paulos

This saying covers all that is happening in our lives and gives us a clear idea that we need to be prepared for anything in our life. Uncertainties are obvious and we may have to deal with a situation that we have never thought about.

The only thing constant in our life is that it will change. No matter how hard we try to control our future, we simply can’t do it.  Anything can happen to us anytime and we have to act the way we have never thought about. As we cannot stop anything happening to ourselves, here are a few ideas that can help people to be able to deal with uncertainties in their life. If you are looking for the tricks to deal with any unexpected situation like a pro you must consider these points.

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Replacing Expectations with Plans:

Setting up expectations means that you are settling up yourself for disappointment. You may guide or plan your future but you cannot control it. Neither you can control your tomorrow nor can you control the exact outcomes. Never think or expect something less than what you actually deserve likewise do not expect something for which you are not struggling for.

Rather than expecting the future, focus on the moment and know what you can do to achieve your goals. Do something specific and learn to achieve your goals rather than sitting and planning the goods and bad all the time. The only thing in your hand is your plan to live the future and in that plan, you need to have a special space for any unwanted or new challenge of opportunity that you may have to counter even if you are not willing to.

Prepare Yourself for Possibilities:

No pain comes without perks. For everything that happens in our life, there is some benefit. Either you will reach your goal or you will learn a lesson of life that will surely help at other times.

However, for uncertainty, the most difficult thing is the inability to take control of things and to plan anything. You cannot find solutions If you do not have the idea of what may the possibilities be. And without having an idea about the possibilities, you can never plan to come out of the situation. In simple words, you cannot find a way out until and unless you are deep into the problem.

Well, here you can surely plan for possibilities by learning about other’s experiences and making yourself a list of what may come to you in achieving your specific goal. To deal with any such situations the most helpful thing is the flexibility to embrace the situation, when and if required.

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Become A Feeling Observer:

If you are moving around in your life and looking forward to being an independent person you need to be emotionally strong. Have the courage to face things with positivity and take them as a challenge. Find the solutions to the problems that than sitting aside and wandering and crying about WHY ME?

Check out yourself and find where you stand emotionally. Rather than getting affected by any uncertain situation divert your focus on finding a solution to deal with that specific state. Try finding out the possible options that can help you deal with the matter and come out of the situation. Once you are done with the problem, sit, assess and evaluate how you have handled the situation and what else there was that could be done. Find how much strong, consistent you remained during the matter and where your self-esteem stood during and after the matter is over.

Confidence About Coping & Adapting Skills:

Coping a situation of adapting it does not means that you are expecting this or worse than this. Rather it means that you are assuring yourself that you can manage the situation and deal with any difficulty that may come to your way. Experts talk about the word defensive pessimism which means that a person develops its mindset for the maximum worst that can happen to him/her in any situation and the pre-plan to handle that situation. The idea is great and works magic for people who are about to go into an experience of a process that may cause them any unexpected situation.

All that you need to do is to ask yourself what worst can happen? Think about and find the possible solutions to the problem, keep yourself prepared it will help to make uncertainty a bit easier for you.

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Using Stress Reduction Techniques Strategically:

Having stress in an uncertain situation is common. Stress will have an impact on your mind as well as body. That may not be felt at the moment but will, later on, have a negative impact on your blood sugar, cholesterol level, muscular tension, breathing rate and blood pressure. It means that every organ of your body will suffer from the stress that may have occurred to you during that uncertain situation.  

To deal with the problem you need to change your lifestyle and way of perceiving things in your daily life. Incorporate the stress reduction techniques, do meditation and try to alter your mental approaches in any situation. Try to find out a centre point that main purpose of your life, and stick to it, it will help you feel better prepared and to tackle everything that comes in your way.

Focus on Things You Can Control:

Most of the time we overlook things we can do and that can make our life easier because our focus remains on big things that we are not able to do. Sometimes small things make a big difference. You need to focus on sorting out the minor issues as they not only establish your willpower to deal with the bigger one but will also keep you harms away.

Practicing the Mindfulness:

When you are too much concerned about the future, that may never happen, you miss the details and charms of life you are actually living now. Rather than enjoying the perks of future and this moment, you will remain trapped in the fear of what could happen to you. you must learn to live and appreciate the beauty of the moment and get out of the trap of fear-driven thoughts.

Meditation is the best way to become mindful and it can also help you to discover what good the day has for you. But you can still plan for tomorrow and there is nothing bad in doing so.

Remember what’s coming tomorrow may not be easy but can fulfil you in a way that you have never thought about. The only certain thing is that it will come to you for sure. Now it depends on you how you will be responding to that situation. Either you can learn from it and make yourself some endless benefits or you can get scared and drain yourself, physically mentally and emotionally.

In any case, the end of note of this discussion would be “hope for the best but be prepared for the worst”

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