Why is your internet slow?

10 Things That May Slow Down Your Internet Speed

Your Internet Provider may not always be to blame for slow internet speed. There may be plenty of reasons involved in slowing down your internet which you can resolve on your own. We have listed 10 most common issues and their recommended solutions.

10 Things That May Slow Down Your Internet Speed
(with solution to avoid those issues)


Browser Health
This is the first thing that you need to check if you are suddenly experiencing slow browsing. Clearing cache and cookies or resetting the browser settings may fix the slow internet problem.

Background Apps
Check for any background apps that connect to internet for updates or remain permanently connected to internet. Closing these apps will make you notice a significant change in your internet speed.

Its common to use torrent clients to download movies, software utilities and other things. However, these torrent clients seeds the file even after your download is complete. So, limiting the upload speed or completely removing the completed torrents from torrent client may give your internet a relief.

You may be experiencing slow internet speed just because of your DNS that has limited cache and greater response time. So consider switching to a better DNS like Google DNS or Open DNS. Speed up your internet : Get a new DNS

There are greater chances that malware may affect your browsing experience if you are using a computer as compared to smartphones. It may send your personal data or system screenshots using your internet connection. So it is recommended to stay updated and use anti-virus software products to get rid of malwares and other such extensions that pose risk to your online security.

Signal Interference
Many digital devices that we use everyday emits electromagnetic  signals like smartphones and Bluetooth headsets and these signals could interfere with WiFi signals. So it is better to place the router away from such appliances and use wired internet if you can.

If you are using WiFi that most of you will be, take good care of security. Choose a strong password and suitable security protocol so that your neighbors may not access your WiFi and slow down your speed.

Slow Cables
Cables tend to play fairly important role in determining your internet speed. If you are using old cables its time to replace them with newer ones that offer better data transfer rate and at longer distances.


You probably have noticed ports on the router that allow you to access internet via wired connection. The switches on both end can be of variety of types having different maximum transfer capability. So it is better to use switches with suitable maximum transfer rate.

WiFi can be slower as compared to wired internet. The closer your are to the WiFi hotspot, the better it works. SO consider getting a better router that offers good transfer rate and wide area coverage. In addition, updating the firmware may also be beneficial for a faster browsing experience.

5 Best Routers For Fast Speed Internet

If you have tried all the above and still you are not getting optimum speed, may be its time to change your internet provider and we can help you with that.  Smartchoice.pk has made it easier for you to search, compare and buy internet connection in Pakistan. Click here to see how we can do that.


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