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Visa Or Master? Which Credit Card you Should Go for?

Credits card have made the process of carrying and spending money much more convenient. When you are new to credit cards, you find yourself wondering whether you should go for a Visa or MasterCard. Though both aren’t very different and have their own benefits, some consumers may find one of them more beneficial than the other. Here are some features and benefits of Visa and MasterCard that might help you determine which one you should go for.

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Visa Credit Card

Visa Cards are credit or debit cards provided by Visa Inc. Their popularity keeps growing day by day and it’s being used across about 200 countries. More than 2 billion ATMs across the globe are helping individuals and businesses transfer money. More than 2.5 billion Visa Cards have been issued by Visa Inc. till this day.

There are two tiers of services in Visa Card. At base level, Visa card offers benefits such as coverage of damage, and warrantees on the purchases done via these cards. Next level is the Visa signature, which offers some extra benefits in addition to the ones offered at the base level.

If you are into sports, you might want to go for Visa Signature, since it allows its cardholders access to sports facilities, such as golf clubs etc. And that’s not all; it’s easier to access the best hotels all across the countries where Visa Card is accepted when you have Visa signature. Visa Cards are commonly used in Pakistan as well – most banks issue those, as the use of ATMs has grown hugely over the last few years.

With Visa Signature, you can earn reward points and later used them during your travel for various benefits.

Visa Card also covers rental collision damage. If you’ve used your Visa Card to pay for the vehicle rent, the damage will be covered in case of collision or theft. A primary coverage of physical damage or theft is provided at international level – so you can be at peace while traveling if you have done the payments through your Visa Card. This only applies to the rental vehicles and not your personal belongings – to take care of your stuff while enjoying your trip.

If you ever lose your Visa Card, you can use Visa Card’s Zero Loss liability benefit, as you’ll be covered in case of any fraudulent transactions made through your credit card.

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A MasterCard is a credit or debit card provided by MasterCard network. It’s just another credit card with a different brand name – but it definitely has its own unique benefits. There are three tiers of benefits offered by MasterCard; base, World, and World Level Elite.

Price Protection in MasterCard

One unique benefit MasterCard provides at its base level is ‘price protection’, which isn’t something we can gain with Visa Card. For every purchase made with MasterCard, if the price of the item is reduced within 60 days, the cardholder can claim back the difference. Most banks in Pakistan provide MasterCard, so you’ll simply need to visit your bank to start enjoying the perks of MasterCard. Some banks provide internet fraud protection with MasterCard to help you secure your transactions.

In MasterCard World level, the benefits include extended price protection (120 days), access to lots of hotel luxuries, and personal travel advisor.

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Travelling with Visa and MasterCard – A comparison

If you love to travel, credit cards can be your best friends. Both Visa and MasterCard have their own attractive features when it comes to traveling. As mentioned earlier, Visa Signature provides you access to hotel benefits across the world, such as automatic upgrades and VIP treatment. Shopping at airports across is also more convenient with Visa signature as it helps you gain many privileges. If you go do with some extra support, Visa Signature Concierge is there for you with many amazing services from ticket-booking to ideas related to fashion and buying gifts.

Another very important benefit of Visa Signature during travel is its travel accident insurance service. If you pay your travel expenses through a Visa Card, your travel insurance will be covered.

MasterCard also has great travel benefits for its cardholders. We’ve already talked about some features of MasterCard World level, which include VIP access to luxury hotels. And what’s more, if you are paying your travel charges with a MasterCard World or MasterCard World Elite level, you get the best out of your trip by having access to VIP events, promotions, and special offers.

MasterCard also has a Concierge service like Visa Card. In World Elite, you’ll get a personal assistant to ease your many travel-related headaches, such as finding the perfect hotel room, or booking a decent table. If you’re visiting a totally new place and aren’t sure where to stay or where to buy the perfect gifts for your loved ones, the services of the personal assistant provided by MasterCard can save you a lot of trouble and frustration. It’s like having your own personal genie on your fingertips.

MasterCard World Elite’s perks also include reduced airfare and other money-saving benefits, like reduced prices on cruises, and discounts of car rental services. You also get many superb vacation packages as World Elite benefits, so if you’re passionate about travelling, World Elite might be just the thing you’re looking for to help you enjoy every moment of your trip.

Theft Protection with MasterCard

MasterCard provides its cardholders with protection against identity theft. The service is simple; call on the provided number and let the personal assistant know of your security concern. The assistant will further guide you on the further steps that need to be taken.

So, which one’s the best?

There is no ultimate right choice when it comes to choosing between Visa and MasterCard. Both have their own perks, and the right choice might vary from consumer to consumer. Go through all of the benefits offered by both networks and see which one fits your needs. Visiting your bank and talking to a professional might be the first right step you’ll take in this regard.

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