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5 Cleaning Hacks To Keep your Car Clean & Presentable

Our car is our second home. However, we seem not to pay as much attention to the cleaning of our car as that of our real house, so the car often ends up being a mess and sometimes the stains just stay forever.

Thus, how to avoid that?

How to keep my car clean?

Are few of the questions that come to our mind when we see the state of our car and at the same time we also calculate the work we need to put in to keep it clean?

The car you drive symbolizes who you are, keeping it well maintained and clean or not, can give a strong impression of you. Keeping your vehicle well maintained and orderly not only gives a better idea, but it can also help your car last longer. You may be surprised at how amazing it is to drive when you keep your car clean and organized.

Cleaning your car can take a lot of time and effort. Of course, you would like to have your car looking brand new all the time. So here are some car cleaning tips that can help you get it clean and keeps it looking great easier than ever.
You have likely experienced the fact that regular day to day cleaning takes a lot less time than a once a year cleaning. It holds true in your car. If you let the mess accumulate, you will end up with a much larger project when you eventually decide to start cleaning. You can avoid this by spending just a few brief moments keeping your car clean every day. Here are several tips on how to How to keep the car clean.

Some of the cleaning hacks to maintain your car in an easy, quick way are:


Dusty corners

There are so many nooks and crannies in a car that collect dirt that you can’t even see. One easy trick is to take out anything in your car that can be removed (e.g. mats, some seats if possible) before running over the area with a vacuum. You might also want to consider investing in a detail brush, which is already designed to clean every part of your vehicle.


seat and uphostery
No miracle spray or power cleaners are needed. Just mix together distilled white vinegar and baking soda to form a paste. Apply to the upholstery and scrub with a toothbrush to remove stains.


To clean the dashboard and plastic surfaces of your car, you can use simple home ingredients. Mix together water, mineral oil or baby oil, and vinegar. Pour into a spray bottle and apply to the dashboard, then wipe it clean.


You can also use vinegar to clean your tires! Just mix with water and use a rag to scrub the rims and hubcaps. This will give you the smooth ride you’ve been dreaming of!


Keep your windscreen from smudging
When you’re done cleaning your windshield wipers, rub them down with rubbing alcohol. This will help prevent your wipers from leaving smears on your windshield the next time you go to use them.


Maintaining a car is important because the main impact of it is going to be that you save money by keeping it clean and maintaining it at regular intervals, the one thing you cannot do or predict its maintenance and security is when out on the road, You cannot guarantee about the actions of other people on the road, what keeps your car secure and keeps you away from damages that may drain your wallet and leave you devastated is having a cushion against uncertainty that helps you be prepared/ protected against a certain amount paid in premiums that covers the loss of far bigger value than you pay for a year to an insurer.

So while you can use these interesting hacks that can save time and money both, we should also keep in mind our everyday struggles we go through when driving on the roads, sudden change in city conditions, unexpected weather change and last but not the least theft that can incur anytime anyplace that should be in our consideration.

Check out this video for some more easy, DIY and quick car cleaning hacks:

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