How to Apply for Schengen Visa from Pakistan? A Complete Guide for 2020 -

How to Apply for Schengen Visa from Pakistan? A Complete Guide for 2020

Europe is a famous destination for Pakistani visitors. Everyone wants/desires to visit Europe once in life. The Schengen visa is one of the important visas for travellers because this visa unfolds the massive Schengen area which covers 4.3 million km landmass and 26 countries in the European continent. this valuable sticker can be obtained by fulfilling the criteria and the eligibility standards required to acquire the desired visa.

The Schengen States have created a list of the required documents for each purpose of entry in this territory, and these requirements are approximately the same for a stay in each of them.

In this article, you can find a checklist of the generally required documents to obtain a Schengen Visa, as well as the specific required documents for the tourist visa type. Besides, you will also find a short brief for each requirement and their specifications, plus some generally asked or worrisome questions.

Schengen Area

It signifies a zone where 26 European countries, abolished their internal borders, for the free and unrestricted movement of people, in harmony with common rules for controlling external borders and fighting criminality by strengthening the common judicial system and police cooperation.

Schengen Area covers most of the EU countries, except the UK, Ireland and the countries that are soon to be part of Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia and Cyprus. Although not members of the EU, countries like Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Lichtenstein are also part of the Schengen zone.

The external borders of the Schengen Zone reach a distance of 50,000 km long, where 80% of it is comprised of water and 20% of the land. The area counts hundreds of airports and maritime ports, many land crossing points, an area of 4,312,099 km2, and a population of 419,392,429 citizens.

The list of countries part of the Schengen visa-free zone are:
1. Austria
2. Belgium
3. Czech Republic
4. Denmark
5. Estonia
6. Finland
7. France
8. Germany
9. Greece
10. Hungary
11. Iceland
12. Italy
13. Latvia
14. Liechtenstein
15. Lithuania
16. Luxembourg
17. Malta
18. Netherlands
19. Norway
20. Poland
21. Portugal
22. Slovakia
23. Slovenia
24. Spain
25. Sweden
26. Switzerland

Who Needs and Who Doesn’t Need a Schengen Visa to Travel to Europe?

While there are categories and nationals of countries that are privileged with entering the Schengen visa-free zone, there are also other categories and nationals, which have to go through all the process of meeting requirements and attending interviews, to obtain a visa that grants them with the permission to enter the Schengen Area.
Schengen Visa Key Information

Visa Type: Standard Visa

The validity of Passport: 6 Months

Quantity of Photos: 2

Size of Photos: Passport Size

Processing Time: 14-28 Working Days

Schengen Visa Fees in Pakistan: 60 Euros (€)

Bank Statement: 6 Months:

Minimum Account Balance Required Should be enough to cover your expenses, if you are travelling with family than should cover expenses of the whole family

Some Generic FAQ’s:

Schengen Visa Application Centers in Pakistan?

Every Schengen country has different Visa Centers, most of them use the VFS services, however, others process the visas directly in the Islamabad Embassy. Please check the pages of the specific countries on this site to get the exact information about Visa Centers.

Schengen Visa from Pakistan Tracking?

You can track the Schengen visa application status easily. Please visit the page of the country you want to visit, to get accurate information.
Schengen Visa Rejection Appeal from Pakistan
You will need to contact on the helpline numbers or the email addresses given on the site to submit the appeal. Please visit the page of the country you want to visit, to get accurate information.

Where do you apply?

You cannot choose which Mission of a Schengen country to apply. You must apply at the mission of the country where your longest stay will be or it is difficult to determine (e.g. cruises, bus tours) you must apply at the mission of your first point of entry into the Schengen area. Sufficient proof has to be submitted about the stay in the Schengen Territory.

When to Apply for a Tourist Schengen Visa?

Submit your Tourist Schengen Visa application at least 15 calendar days before your planned journey to the Schengen Area. This is the latest you can file your application. On the other hand, the earliest you can apply for a Tourist visa to the Schengen Zone is three months before your trip.
The best time to apply for the visa s to apply before the heavy vacations and tourist season that is May, June and July which is a popular time among people to visit Europe.

How long does it take to receive the visa?

It is advisable to apply for a Schengen Tourist Visa at least 2 weeks before the planned trip. The Embassy Consulate will then reply in 10 working days as common (or less as usually occurs), the time taken to proceed all the documentation and the traveller’s request. Depending on the situation, proceeding time might take up to two months if there is something extraordinary with the individual case or any unusual political situation is on the go.

How much bank balance is required for the Schengen visa?

Tickets for travelling within the Schengen area (if applicable) Proof of civil status – the birth certificate will suffice. Bank statement these needs to show a minimum balance of €3000 over the last 6 months.

Can I extend a Tourist Schengen Visa?

A Tourist Schengen visa can be extended only in some very specific occasions, as:
• Late Entry
• Humanitarian Reasons
• Force Majeure
• Important Personal Reasons
However, remember that the chances to extend your Schengen visa are very low. To get a tourist visa extension for any of the reasons given above, your application needs very strong arguments.

How long is the visa valid for?

The tourist visa is commonly valid for stays no more than 90 days. If you will be travelling a lot and not only in one Schengen country it’s recommendable to fill in the “multiple entries” gap in the application form. This way you will be able to enter and leave Schengen Zone as you please for the amount of time allowed on your visa issued.

When will I need an affidavit Support?

Affidavit of Support is needed in case one does not have a bank account or does not own enough funds to be taking care of their expenses during this travel, one must ask the visiting friends or relatives to sign an “official affidavit of support” at the corresponding office in his/her place of residence. Make sure you carry the original document when applying for the visa.

What does it mean by “Main Schengen Destination”?

• When visiting only one Schengen state, submit your application at the embassy/consulate/ visa centre of that country.
• When visiting more than two Schengen states, submit your application at the embassy/consulate/ visa centre of the country:
• In which you will be spending more days or the country in which you will step in first since you plan to spend an equal amount of days in each.
After the visa refusal, what should we do?


Who needs a visa and to which country can one travel?
Pakistani National and certain foreigners resident in Pakistan require a visa to enter the Schengen territory. This visa grants in general free mobility within the Schengen Territory for visitor’s/ business/tourist stays of a maximum of 90 days per 180 days of the year.

Categories of visas (depending on length and purpose of stay):

Airport transit visas: required by the nationals of certain countries.
Short stay visa (“Schengen”) visa (1-90 days, one or multiple entries)
Long stay visa: Visas for visits exceeding 90 days are national visas and are issued by member states under national legislation.
Transit visa (1-5 days, single or double entry): is issued for travel from a non-Schengen state to another non-Schengen state or across the area through a Schengen state territory.

Documentation to be submitted:

Clearly and filled in and signed Common Schengen Application Form, (available from consular websites, or consular offices.) in two sets (one original, one copy)(Form No. 119031)

Family details –Appendix to your application an original Family Registration Certificate issued by NADRA, attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Machine Readable Passport, which must be valid for a period of at least 3 months beyond the applicant’s last day of stay in the Schengen states. Please ensure that the passport has 2 blank pages to affix visa.

Three recent passports sized photographs in colour. Photographs should be taken within the last 6 months, no side pose, no hat, no veil, no Photoshop
Property document when applicable, with 2 copies, English translation if available
Family registration records from NADRA.

Electronic Pakistani ID-Card

2 copies of Nikah Nama if you are married as well as English translation thereof
Proof of employment which mentions how long the applicant has been employed by his/her employer. English translation must be provided.

Granted leave of absence from his/her work for the relevant number of days. English translation must be provided.

If the applicant runs his own business, he/she must present proof of registration of the business with the relevant authorities and English translation of these documents. Tax papers for the previous 2 years Payment tax/registration of the company must also be provided.

Proof of employment: (e.g. letter from the company stating continuing employment after a period of leave and duration of vacation etc), plus recent payslips
If the applicant is a student: letter from school/college/university confirming admission or attendance.

Copies of all previous visas

All previous passports of the applicant should be submitted, along with the current, valid one.

A personal interview with the applicant may be requested. The visa of the final Country of destination (if applicable) must be obtained before applying for a Schengen visa.

Round trip air – ticket and itinerary with dates and flight numbers specifying entry and exit from Schengen state Some Schengen authorities accept the itinerary when applying for the visa but request the original air-ticket when the visa is collected (please check).

Proof of sufficient funds for the duration of stay, e.g.: (min. amount required is different in each country – please check with the appropriate consular authority)

Bank and credit statements for last 6 months in addition to the previous year.

Salary slips-3 months prior

Tax receipt of foreign exchange purchased bearing the applicant’s name.

Traveller’s cheques. For credit cards, recent credit card statement. Cash will not be accepted as proof of foreign exchange.

Travel/health/accident insurance: A minimum medical coverage of Rupees equivalent Euro 30.000,00. Applicants must present insurance policy that states policy number, name of insured person, validity and schedule benefits. The insurance must cover medical attention, emergency hospital treatment and repatriation for medical reasons on the spot.

Accommodation: confirmed hotel booking is requested (hotel reservation is not necessarily proof of confirmation. For some countries, the birth certificate is requested.

If the applicant is staying with a sponsor, an invitation letter from the host is required. The signature of the host, on the invitation, has to be attested by a competent Greek authority (e.g. KEP or Police authority).

For business: an official business invitation letter from the company of your main travel destination in a Schengen state as well as from the Pakistani employer stating the purpose of the visit must be presented. Recommendation letter from the Chamber of Commerce. Recent correspondence between you and your Schengen business partner.

Tax papers for the previous 2 years. Proof of registration of the business with the relevant authorities.

For conferences should be submitted: proof of registration and payment. Invitation from the business partner in Schengen Country should be also sent directly to the Embassy.
Bank statement covering the last six months, Also, applicants are required to submit a bank statement for the previous year. The applicants should present their bank statement as well as the company’s bank statement.

Certified parental consent, by both parents for children under 18 travelling alone. If the child travels with only one parent, the other parent must produce the notarized/certified consent.

If only one parent has guardianship of the minor, the court judgements (NADRA) confirming this must be presented. Certain consular authorities require that both parents sign in the presence of a consular official.

The Schengen State’s Consular offices reserve the right to request further documentation if deemed necessary
Please refer also to the Harmonized list of supporting documents to be presented by Schengen visa applicants in Pakistan, according to the purpose of travel.

Procedural Advice and Legal Notice:

There is no guarantee that a visa will be issued and no rights can be derived from the information obtained in the general Schengen visa information. Visa applications will be rejected if application forms are not fully completed and signed and are not accompanied by the above-required documents.


It is the responsibility of the applicant to take note of the visa application requirements and to apply in time well before making travel arrangements.

All appointments for visas should be arranged by e-mail, only. For this purpose, no other means of communication (by phone, etc) is accepted.

In the e-mail, it has to be mentioned how many visa applications will be submitted at the appointment asked (e.g. for a four-member family, it has to be mentioned that an appointment for four persons has to be arranged). Failure to mention the exact number of applicants per appointment gives the right to the Embassy to refuse to accept applications beyond its capacity, during a specific working day.

Entry into the Schengen territory:

The possession of a visa is only one of the conditions for entry into the territory of the Schengen state. Should the Schengen State’s border authority refuse entry, no claim for reimbursement of the visa fee or airline ticket can be submitted. The border police at your Schengen destination may request the presentation of sufficient funds, a letter of invitation, hotel reservation and proof of medical insurance. Failure to present said funds/documents may result in entry being refused.

For organized groups arrangements should be made well in advance with the relevant issuing authority. Some Schengen/EU Countries requires if a Pakistani is married to a Schengen national, proof that the wedding is valid in the national law.

Visa processing fees are not reimbursable if a visa is rejected


  1. Adamjee Insurance
  2. AIG
  3. Asia Insurance Co Ltd
  4. Askari General Insurance Company Ltd
  5. CICL (Century Insurance Company Ltd)
  6. East-West Insurance Company Ltd
  7. EFU General
  8. Habib Insurance
  9. IGI
  10. Jubilee General Insurance
  11. PICIC (Pakistan Industrial Credit Investment Corporation)
  12. Premier Insurance Limited
  13. Shaheen Insurance
  14. SPI Insurance Company Ltd (formerly Saudi Pak)
  15. TPL Direct Insurance Ltd
  16. UBL Insurers Ltd
  17. UIC

NB: You are required to contract full Schengen travel insurance, covering – for a minimum amount of 30 000 euros – any medical, hospitalization and repatriation costs, as well as associated care expenses which might occur during any single trip into the Schengen states.

Travel Health Insurance.

You need to provide evidence that you have purchased health insurance that covers medical emergencies with a minimum of €30,000, for your whole period of stay. (source)

Tips for Schengen Visa

Tip 1:
getting the Schengen visa for the first time is one of the difficult things, I would advise to make a short, clear and understandable itinerary according to your financial situation and budget. don’t include too many countries in the first application, plan a trip for only one Schengen country or two and when you have the visa, you can later change your plan if you want to visit more countries.

Tip 2:

Ahead of time, legally, you can apply for a Schengen visa three months before your travel date. try to apply in low season, so the embassy/consulate has enough time to study your application. May, June and July are very busy months for European embassies around the world because that’s the time when more applications are received than average.

Tip 3:

you are going for tourism then first try to genuinely visit other popular tourist countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Azerbaijan and Turkey etc. that will make it clear that you are a genuine tourist and usually travel out of your country for tourism purposes.

Tip 4:

but not least, keep your financial records clear and clean. for example, if you are employed then keep your salary slips with you and also credit your salary in your bank account through proper channels such as a bank cheque from the company credited into your account. if you have savings in your account other than your salary then do explain this in your covering letter to the embassy so they can better understand your financial situation.

Although the information on this website has been prepared with the utmost care; we cannot accept any responsibility for inaccuracies contained herein.

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