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friendliest countries in the world

Top 5 Friendliest Countries in the World Every Pakistani Must Visit Once in a Life

When on vacations the last thing you would want to deal with is a rude host. A friendly local with a warm welcome can add comfort and fun to your trip. If you are looking to spend your vacations at a place that can offer you pleasing interactions you must go to a country that is known for its hospitality.

Beautiful sceneries are one of the most basic things that come in mind of a person when he is planning a holiday. While many may consider the historical ruins or the cultural richness of any area to enjoy while they are on a holiday.

However, there is something else that is important to be considered while planning to have a trip after months of hectic and mechanical routine and this crucial thing is friendliness. When you are a million miles away from your home, roaming in the streets alone, friendly attitude can be the only thing that can come handy for you.

If we speak about the preferences of any traveller or the experience of any individual or a specific group of people, we cannot justify and rely on the opinion. For this reason, today we are representing the list of the friendliest countries you can visit alone, or with family to have an unlimited number of memories.  


Turkish cuisines are something that can be the core attraction for you, specifically if you are a food lover. You can find a wide range of Turkish cuisines from one part of the country to the other. You can enjoy meze, fresh seafood, a wide range of deserts exclusive breakfast menus, vegetable dishes and much much more. While the taste can become more special when it is served with the amazing love and hospitality of Turkish people. The Turkish people are friendly, loving, cooperative and caring and they will make you feel at home with their warm welcome and helping attitude.

Turky Tourism

The archaeological sites of Turkey are also worth watching. They will tell you the stories of civilizations and empires you can visit the amazing city of Istanbul and the underground city of Cappadocia. While the museums of turkey will also let you witness the preserved archaeological findings that were found in different parts of the country, during different times. At the same time, the wonders of nature are also worth spending your time in Turkey this vacation. Apart from cities like Ankara and Istanbul, there are many different natural escapes like skiing or hiking to give you unforgettable moments.  Just like the richness of natural beauty and historical treasures, the people of Turkey are well known for their profound hospitality. Spending time with them can give you are a truly genuine relationship. They will always invite you to their homes and will feel pleasure in spending some time with your own self. They serve their guests with delicious meals and Turkish tea served with something sweet to show their love and respect to the guests.


With the fame of current president of Canada, Mr Justin Truedau, the Canadian love and hospitality are not unknown to the world. Canada has now become the most diverse multicultural society of the world and is facilitating the residents with all the modern day enmities of the world. The metropolitan cities, cultural richness, maritime culture and indigenous people are the reason why the country charms the people from around the globe.

Niagara Falls Canada Tourism

Just like the people the demographics of Canada are also friendly. For a newcomer or a stranger, it is easy to navigate from one part or city to another. The Canadians are much friendly to strangers and the crime level is really low. With all its natural wonders like Niagra Falls, the life in Canada is highly affordable and is served with all the technological facilities. You can also enjoy skiing and snowboarding along with many other outdoor activities. The Canadians know how to enjoy their life. They know how to enjoy the life at its best by celebrating special events and in hospitality. Winters are really harsh in Canada and thus people tend to move to warmer areas in the surrounding to spend their winters. So visiting Canada in extreme winter would not be a good idea.

The variety of life in Canada is one of the main reasons why you will enjoy your trip. You can enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities with amazing travel destinations to visit with family or friends.

New Zealand

Do you love to be in water? You must visit New Zealand to witness the beauty of two amazing islands. New Zealand offers amazing sites of natural sceneries, subtropical forests, glaciers, lakes, beaches, hot springs, and volcanoes. The locals of New Zealand are called “Kiwi” and they are one of the friendliest people in the world. They will always give you a warm welcome with impressive hospitality. The country offers a wide range of cultures with a strong influence of European and British lifestyle.

New Zealand Tourism

Just like Canada, you can enjoy outdoor activities like tramping, skiing, snowboarding, swimming, and parachuting in New Zealand. The cutscenes are amazing and you can also witness ethnic diversity in the region. You can also enjoy your trip by trying different cafes and restaurants. Never miss visiting the Auckland. The country has a moderate climate which makes it a perfect place to visit and enjoy your trip without worrying about the harsh weather conditions.


The cultural diversity of Singapore is much like a patchwork quilt. There are a number of religious and ethnic harmonies living in the country.  You can find a Hindu Temple, a Buddhist Temple and Mosque side by side in Singapore. Visiting the country during the traditional festivals will help you enjoy your trip while witnessing the diversity in culture and the hospitality of people of Singapore.

The neighborhoods are aspiring work parallel to the roads making it a perfect opportunity for the urban explorers and the tourist to enjoy the lifestyle of Singapore. The nightlife is full of fun, specifically in areas like Boat Quay, Clarke Quay, and the Robertson Quay etc. If you are lucky enough you can enjoy the dance music festivals like ZoutOut and Ultra Singapore where you can enjoy the party to a next level.

Singapore Tourism

Being in Singapore, your kids will have fun, more than you can in any other part of the world. . You can take your kids to Sentosa where they can enjoy the amazing rides of iFly Singapore, visit the Universal Studio of Singapore and go to the Skyline to soothe their excitement. You will also find a wide range of activities for kids who love to be in water or the one who are not daredevils. For the educational purpose, you can take them to the Keppel Center of Art Education. Travelling in Singapore is also an easy thing.


Morocco is one of the most amazing countries to visit once in your life. For those who are fond of witnessing the cultural richness of Islam and enjoy the hospitality, must visit Morocco.  

The Moroccan people are really good with the tourist and being the gateway to North Africa is rich with the customs and languages of dozens of different cultures. Also if you are lucky enough you can spot some to rates Hollywood actors on their shoots as in recent times it has become a hotspot for Hollywood movies and gives interesting experience to the tourists, adding more value to the place.

Morocco Tourism

You can visit the Jamma-el-Fnaa which is located in the Marrakech. Your visit to Morocco will not be complete if you haven’t visited the imperial city of Marrakech that is located in the base of Atlas Mountains. Jamma-el-Fnaa is the center of the old city and a place worth visiting. At the same time, Fes el-Bali is a world heritage site that has quite much variation of cultures in it.  You can experience some of the histories by visiting the maze of streets there. Hiring a tour guide can be of great help if you really want to get back to your hotel without getting lost.

The world is and will always remain full of surprises for all of us. However, there are many enthusiastic people who are looking forward to opportunities to witness maximum of what nature has given us. Visiting the above-said places will surely add colours and charm to the imagination of such people and may lead them to build up a strong relationship with the Mother Nature.

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