0% Mark up

No mark up or hidden charges on Faysal Bank Credit cards. However a transaction and processing fee is charged.

Instant Approval

Choose your plan, (Car or Health Insurance) pay with your credit card and your policy is ready to start.

No Down Payment

Start your cover instantly with no hefty downpayment.

How to avail EMI

  1. Select your Insurance plan
  2. Share your details with respect to your policy
  3. Click buy now and check “avail installment option”
  4. Confirm EMI tenure with our call center agent
  5. Pay via payment link shared by smartchoice.pk
  6. Get covered

Please note: it takes up to 7 working days for your EMI plan to be activated and you will receive a SMS from your bank once this is done

Terms and Conditions

  • A Transaction fee of 5.5% will be charged during checkout at Smartchoice.pk for all EMI Transactions
  • Flexible Installment Plan (FIP) facility is only valid on Health and Car Insurance.
  • Faysal Bank shall process and authorize FIP transactions provided that the amount is within the available credit limit and card account is in good standing as per the terms and conditions of Silkbank Credit Cards and Silkbank policies.
  • The approved FIP Transaction will appear on the next statement of account.
  • Only 6 months tenure is available at 0% mark-up at smartchoice.pk.
  • Once a purchase is completed through using FIP, it will take up to 7 working days for the installment to reflect on your credit card statement.
  • This offer cannot be exchanged for cash and is not valid in conjunction with any other special promotions, offers, events or activities as defined by Faysal Bank & Alliance Partners
  • Faysal Bank will not be responsible for the services or if Product quality provided is not up to the satisfaction of Faysal Bank customers.
  • Faysal Bank , at its absolute discretion shall have the right to terminate the offer without assigning any reason and without prior notice, and shall not be held liable for any inconvenience / damage caused due to termination of the offer.
  • In case the card member decides to cancel his/her FIP then the card member will be liable to pay a prepayment penalty amount as per Faysal Bank schedule of charges.
  • Transaction fee of 3% will be charged on the policy by Smartchoice at the time of payment
  • Faysal Bank processing fee: Rs. 500 is charged to the customers by the bank on activation
  • Refunds are applicable only on health Insurance plans within the 14 day look up period
  • Please call the Bank’s helpline if you are not put on an EMI after 7 working days to escalate the matter.
  • The Bank providing EMI service is not acting as corporate agent/distributor of third party products/services and shall not be responsible in any manner to any person or to any claim.
  • Purchase to be made at least 7 working days before the next credit card statement is generated to ensure the transaction reflects in that statement. For example, your statement date is October 24, 2019, then the purchase should be made before October 17, 2019 Only customers opting for Installment on Smartchoice checkout page are eligible for this option