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  • What happens when I place an order for a specific product?

    After you have filled our order form, you will get a confirmation call from our Customer Service Representative who will confirm details and explain you the next process as it varies from service to service. From this point onwards, official representative of the service company (.e.g Jubilee insurance) will complete the remaining steps. H2

  • Who do I pay?

    Our service is free of charge, we only facilitate you throughout the process of getting a new internet connection, buying insurance policy or applying for personal finance product. Whatever payments you make are paid directly to the service provider be it a bank, insurance or ISP.

  • How do we rank the search results?

    Our results are based on the information provided by you, by default the results are sorted by price showing from cheap to the highest priced packages. You can further refine the results by using the filter such as broadband type, contract type and etc.

  • What are featured deals?

    These are just like paid advertisement to allow ISPs to promote their deals by showcasing them on top of the search results and on main page. These are not necessarily based on the information you provide to search. All featured deals are clearly highlighted in search results to differentiate between organic and paid results.

  • Can I compare two deals side by side?

    Yes we have specifically built this feature to allow our visitors to view all the important information of 2 deals next to each other and make a Smartchoice

  • How do we keep you updated?

    To keep our subscribers updated with the latest news related to telecom, broadband and finance industry and to relay latest packages and price revisions we will be sending out a monthly newsletter via email.

  • How can I contact you?

    We can be reached through various ways which are mentioned below: Email: Call/Whatsapp: 03-111-276-278 You can also request a callback by filling in your contact details in the “Let Us Call You” Form. Additionally you can also use the online chat option on our website to initiate a live chat with our Customer Service Representative.

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