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Corporate Broadband for Business

Business broadband packages are aimed at the corporate sector which needs a reliable service that works round the clock along with a higher level of technical support. It is suitable for small and medium business, startups and other work related environments where productivity is the need of the hour and time is essentially important. Business broadband packages offer support for multiple static IPs, CCTV cameras and extensive networking setups. Business broadband packages are also tiered into premium shared or dedicated links which is a notch above consumer grade packages. Corporate Fiber Optics packages are good for startups, small and medium business and cater to customized needs and have better security and dedicated support thanks to a SLAs (Service Level Agreements) in place. Hence Fiber Optics based corporate internet packages are a sensible choice for a business whose usage might fluctuate vastly or change from time to time.Business broadband packages also include cloud/hosting services and mirror backups that help counter redundancy. Security and infrastructure management are also offered. Some major business broadband providers in Pakistan are MultiNet, Cybernet, Nayatel and Satcomm.

Business Broadband Providers

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