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Benefits of Corona Protection Shield

COVID-19 Protection for Family

Coronavirus protection shield provides coverage for 5 family members including self, spouse, parents, siblings or children. For more than 5 members

Hospital Expense Coverage

Reimbursement of hospital expenses of PKR5000 per night for each family member covered in case of Participant's hospitalization as a result of COVID-19.

Affordable Premium

Coronavirus protection shield can be acquired at a very reasonable premium of PKR 5999 which covers family members up to 5 which provides upfront cash benefit and each day hospitalization cash

Cash Benefit

Coronavirus protection shield offers a lump-sum cash benefit, in case the person is diagnosed COVID-19 positive, a PKR 30,000 upfront monetary compensation.

Easy Buy

The policy can be bought very easily and quickly from Smartchoice.pk within a few minutes by paying online.

Add-On Family Members

You can easily add your other family members in the procured policy an additional premium of PKR 1,000 per person will be charged

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Coronavirus Protection Shield Guide

What is Coronavirus Protection Shield?

Coronavirus Protection Shield is Pakistan’s first insurance plan that provides financial assistance for COVID-19. Starting at just Rs 1200/person. It can be acquired for a family of five (5) for the period of 3 months and for the period of 6 months with varying premiums of 5999 and 11999 respectively, as per the desired period of coverage.

The plan can be bought from ages 18 to 70 years. The plan covers children in the policy from the age of 6 months to the age of 25 years. A person can apply for reimbursement after being discharged from the hospital, remember it’s not cashless hospitalization and the claim can be processed with original discharge slip from the hospital which mentions the number of days of hospitalization. Processing of claims can take up to five to seven working days after the submission of correct and original documents as required by the insurance provider (Terms & Conditions Apply).

What is the benefit of Coronavirus Protection Shield?

The main benefit of the CoronaVirus Protection Shield is that in case a person is positively diagnosed with COVID-19, A lump-sum payment of PKR 30,000 (per Family) is provided upfront on the presentation of the diagnostic report. Funeral Expenses in case of Fatality ( God-Forbid, If any of the covered members dies due to Corona) PKR 100,000 (per Member). Please note that pre-existing conditions are not covered meaning any person suffering from COVID-19 before the policy was purchased shall not be covered by the insurer.

Who can be added in the family policy up to 12 members?

You can add your siblings, your parents apart from your wife and children, upon paying 1000 per member as an add-on, for members up to 12 (twelve). Participants can add your adopted son/daughter, provided that you have done all the legal documentation and that child is added in your family ambit as per NADRA Records.

What is the difference between Coronavirus Protection Shield and Health Insurance?

The Coronavirus Protection Shield is a Corona specific health insurance for the period of 3 to 6 months, depending upon the coverage required and the plan procured, this policy shall only address COVID-19 conditions as financial upfront compensation and daily hospital cash PKR5000 shall be paid after the insurance is claimed after the period of hospitalization with valid receipts submitted to the insurer. While the General health policy has all the disease coverage under its ambit including the claim for COVID-19 epidemic/pandemic, in the regular health insurance includes the pre-and-post hospitalization coverage and other hospitalization charges, the health insurance policy is valid for a year and is subject to renewal based on the satisfaction of the customer.