Can I Get Broadband Without A Landline Connection?

Posted Date: Tue Jul 2016

Everyone is trying to get their hands on the best internet packages and connections these days. Consumers prefer the process to be easy and without hassle or unnecessary pre requisites. DSL is usually the most preffered connection for its fast broadband speeds. However a landline connection is must needed for getting DSL services. However some people don’t want or need a landline connection and there’s an added line rent to the total bill hence they want to stay away from DSL while still getting a fast and reliable broadband connection. Here’s a few alternatives to getting a broadband connection without having a landline.


First of all let’s explore other wired options. The best alternative and infact a better one is Fiber optics based internet connection. The salient features of such connection is that you can usually get a triple services bundle with it (TV, Phone, Internet) if your need be and also it’s much faster  and less prone to interference than a copper wire based connection. However the downsides are that the installation takes some time and is costly. Also, fiber optic service is available in limited areas as of now. Some examples are Fiberlink, Stormfiber and Transworld.


Secondly there is the option of going for Cable net services. Again, no landline connection is required and the major plus points of having a cable net connection is that it’s cheaper than a DSL connection, has FTP servers which people love for having the latest entertainment related stuff. Also the customer service is on a more intimate level however the service quality may go southwards if the operator has outgrown his capacity to handle users. The most reliable and famous cable net providers are Connect Communications and Fariya as of now.


Next comes WiMAX connectivity that is currently being run by Wi-Tribe and Qubee in Pakistan. These are wireless based networks hence quality of service varies a lot from area to area however as these are big established brands hence the support level is standardized and all clients get equal type of support as such companies have SOPs to follow. Also as the customer grows old the company values them more and offers better incentives and discounts as they don’t want to lose their loyal customer base and grow it because existing customers act as word of mouth brand ambassadors. WiMAX technology’s drawback is that the speeds offered are pretty limited as the maximum speed currently offered is 4Mbps which may not be enough for hardcore internet users. Additionally the download limits are also capped.


Finally we come to Mobile Broadband devices. These devices are meant for on the go usage and come in both 3G and 4G variants. These offer fast speeds and on to go connectivity however they also come with data caps and speed fluctuates heavily from one area to another. One thing to keep in mind is that since these devices work on 3G/4G, hence they suffer outages when cellular connectivity is disabled due to security reasons on national holidays/ religious events. Downtimes are also very rare. The package prices are a wee bit higher however the benefits outweigh the cons.  Zong, Mobilink, Telenor and Warid are currently offering Mobile Broadband devices.


Above we have listed all the different ways you can get a broadband internet connection without the need of having a preinstalled landline connection. We’ve also mentioned the pros and cons of each service and we hope that consumers are able to make a better and smarter choice after reading this write-up. If you’ve made your mind to purchase a specific connection then you can log on to and check out all the packages along with their pricing and installation details.