Difference Between Prepaid And Postpaid Mobile Broadband

Posted Date: Tue Jul 2016

These days everyone is using Mobile Broadband devices as they offer fast internet connectivity on the go. However there are two types of billing modes namely Prepaid and Postpaid. In this article we shall have a general comparison of both which can help you determine the one that can be suitable for you.


First let’s talk about bill payments. In this mode, first of all Prepaid subscription has more bill payment options as bill can be paid via scratch cards as well whereas Postpaid lacks such an option. Other options for bill payment are by visiting the respective sales and service center/franchise to pay your bill, using a debit/credit card to pay your bill online and Easyload. For Qubee Shuttle users, there’s an added benefit of getting your payment picked from the comfort of your home and PTCL offers the bill to be added into your monthly landline bill or paying it by visiting PTCL One Stop Shop.


Next comes the billing cycle. Postpaid billing has a fixed billing date that is usually the 1st of every month. However in Prepaid you can pay your bill whenever you wish to renew your subscription and it could possibly be the deciding factor in case you plan to use your device for some time and then switch it off for an indefinite period of time before reactivating it.  Whereas if you’ve a Postpaid subscription then you’re forced to pay your bill within the 1st week or otherwise you face late payment charges or temporary service disconnection.


Since Postpaid bills come in printed form at your residence, hence they can be used to file a tax claim later on. In contrast, if you were using a Prepaid subscription then the only notification of your bill would be an SMS/Email that you’d receive on the 1st of the month. Also if you’ve exhausted your bundle, you cannot renew your package before the next month and are forced to purchase additional data bundles whereas you recharge in Prepaid and your billing cycle starts from that day onwards. Something that should be kept in mind is that billing is advanced in both Prepaid and Postpaid billing modes. Consumers usually think that in Postpaid billing payment is after the usage whereas broadband providers take the first month charges along with device and installation charges beforehand hence payment is taken in advance for each month.


We hope this article will serve its purpose and users will be able to distinguish between both kinds of billing modes and select the one that suits them best!