How To Choose The Best Postpaid Plan

Posted Date: Sat Jul 2016

We exist in an age that’s fueled by the need of communication and spread of information. Everyday we use certain devices to interact with people and places near and far. In Pakistan, a majority of people now use their handheld devices to communicate with their friends, colleagues, family and others.  The influx of 3G/4G in our country has massively increased the usage of mobile devices. For any device to work to its full potential, a mobile plan is necessary. Majority of users use Prepaid in Pakistan but many are using Postpaid subscriptions as well. We have shone light in another article as to why one should consider switching to Postpaid plans (hyperlink). However in this article we will focus on the factors that combine to make a great postpaid subscription. We should give our readers a fair caution though that no single package has all the factors in an excellent proportion hence a compromise has to be made and one should look for the features that are most needed or used.

Free On-Net & Off-Net Minutes:  Every telco offers a number of On-Net & Off-Net minutes and it’s as simple as it gets that the higher number of minutes you have the more you can make calls to your near and dear ones.

Free SMS:  Each network provides a fixed amount of SMS that you can send to any network across Pakistan. If you’re an avid texter then it’s best to look out for such a Postpaid plan that gives you a high amount of SMS.

Data Bundles: With 3G/4G finally available in Pakistan, a huge number of users are using mobile data on the go. Hence the higher amount of mobile data you get the better as it’s used for socializing apps such as WhatsApp, Viber, Skype etc. as well as internet browsing and streaming. Also check for additional data bundles and make sure you’re getting a plan that has subsidized data bundles as mobile data is used heavily during such online activities and you may exhaust your data limit sooner than you think.

Mobile Money Wallet: Most telcos offer mobile money wallet services that enable users to transfer money to their loved ones in the span of a few clicks. It’s really essential for those working in a different city wishing to instantly transfer money back home. Most telcos offer a mobile wallet account at no cost or heavily subsidized however do check out the terms and conditions if money transfer service is essential to you.

Video/Voice Calls over IP: While some carriers in Pakistan are deducting data used by VoIP/Video Calls from the provided data bundle, some carriers charge separately as per normal data rates for Whatsapp, Skype, Hangout and other calling apps which might be a bummer for most users in Pakistan as these services are heavily used to contact loved ones living abroad. Make sure you check their VoIP policies before subscribing with them.

No Spam/Better Customer Services: With Postpaid connections, you get additional benefits that Prepaid users don’t. For starters, you get priority customer support services along with the benefit of not having to deal with those extremely annoying promotional calls/SMS. There is also the option of getting your call history for the whole month with your monthly bill and you can also claim your taxes that are paid on top of your monthly line rent whereas Prepaid plans lack such option. Also when it comes to customer services and helpline calls, you are given priority if you’re a Postpaid customer. Hence to get better customer services you should also choose Postpaid plans.

These are the major factors that come into play when going for a Postpaid connection and should be considered. The higher amount of features you get the better as you’d be getting more bang for your buck.