How To Choose The Best Prepaid Plan For Students

Posted Date: Sat Jul 2016

A huge percentage of mobile users in Pakistan opt for Prepaid plans. It has a number of reasons mainly the easy process of getting a Prepaid mobile plan along with the flexibility it brings as users can choose between a ton of packages as well as the fact that Prepaid caters to all sorts of budgets and you don’t have to remain in a fixed amount as sometimes you may spend less and sometimes you may spend more on your calling/messaging/data needs. Whereas in Postpaid plans you have to pay a specific monthly line rent even if for some reason you don’t use your subscription as much as your line rent is.

This article will be based on how students can choose the best Prepaid plan for themselves. Firstly Prepaid helps students mainly because they aren’t earning and are usually on a low budget to spend on cellular services. Hence a prepaid connection helps a lot as it can be recharged whenever one wants with whatever amount one can spend at a given time due to its prepaid nature. To get the best out of it you first need to set your priorities straight.

When it comes to young students, they mostly like to be online and engage in social activities a lot hence they are the most into using FaceBook, Twitter, Whatsapp etc. For them Mobile Data is important. Now when it comes to Mobile Data there are two things to be considered. One being the actual amount of data you’re getting against your bucks. And secondly if the provider is providing consistent and satisfactory quality of 3G/4G. This makes sense because the more Data you get in the lesser cost the better as these online social apps use a lot of data especially FaceBook.

After Mobile data, the second priority is usually SMS as school/college/university students are texting on the go to make all sorts of plans. Granted that apps like WhatsApp have grabbed a huge chunk of the instant messaging pie, however if you still are an avid texter then it’s best to look for a Prepaid plan that offers attractive SMS rates/packages.

Next comes the most obvious but probably the least used feature of a smartphone nowadays and that is calling! Again to to the rise of social apps and the improved and vast penetration of 3G/4G coverage in Pakistan, people can make calls over the internet to their friends and family and even relatives abroad. Students also make frequent calls to each other to make various sorts of plans and get togethers and if calling is one of your major usages while considering a prepaid mobile plan then it’s best to look for the lowest calls rates specially for off-net calls. Also one should see if there are any bundles that let you make on-net/off-net calls for subsidized rates. 

The major reason to choose Prepaid is the versatility it brings to the user. You can always change your usage according to your budget and vice versa. For example Prepaid has different packages that can cater different time slots of the day to daily, weekly and monthly bundles that can be subscribed to get more value for money.

What if you use all three services i.e calling, texting and mobile data to a good extent but cannot afford a Postpaid plan to get such a bundle? Well the telcos have understood such kind of need as well and have come up with social bundles that let you use a number of different social services for  a fixed charge which lets you use apps like FaceBook, WhatsApp and Twitter for a nominal fee. Not just that, telcos have now come up with innovative  solutions that work like Postpaid bundles giving you a certain amount of Minutes, SMS and Data to be used for the whole month. The only difference is that since it’s Prepaid you pay for the said services first and then avail them but it can be a good way to limit your monthly cellular expense to a fixed amount. For example Ufone and Telenor have launched SuperCard and EasyCard respectively that offer such services to the consumer. Hence you should look into it as well as they offer a really solid bang for the buck!

Not just that, Most major telcos have brought out youth oriented brands such as Telenor Djuice and Warid Glow that feature bundles, offers and packages that are tailormade to cater for the usage of today’s youth. They are also marketed in such a way that they feel youthful and entice the targeted age group. For e.g  Djuice started out with a focus on heavy texting and introduced SMS packages that were unrivalled. Nowadays Djuice is giving out social bundles since the influx of 3G services and hence is now Mobile Data oriented. Glow also offers an  on-net circle of friends to whom you can make calls for cheap any time of the day named Dosti K Rung.

By following the above tips you can make the best out of a limited budget on a prepaid plan. We hope this article serves in the best intrest of students that want to avail the best services within their pocket money!