Is Broadband Bundle Good For Me?

Posted Date: Tue Jul 2016

This is the age of convenience and convergence and consumers always want to have access to all kinds of communication/entertainment services as easily as possible without any lengthy procedures or hassle filled processes. There once used to be a time when telephone licenses used to be for the elite and getting a connection would mean months of waiting. But now getting a phone connection is a matter of mere minutes and if you have access to internet on your fingertips then you can even get a connection delivered to your doorstep by placing an order online. Broadband providers are offering broadband bundles now as the next logical step to facilitate customers now.

So let’s talk about what a broadband bundle really is. A bundle is usually a duo or trio of services that include internet, telephone and television connections that are sold as a single service with a converged monthly bill. PTCL being the sole DSL provider has been offering their bundles with DSL, Smart TV and landline telephony since quite some time but now Fiber optics based broadband providers such as FiberLink and StormFiber etc. are now also offering broad bundles. Speaking of which you may now be wondering, what might be the advantages or caveats in getting such a service.

First of all, the most visible advantage is the streamlined services, you are getting all three services from one brand which means you don’t have complain at a multitude of places in case you have any issues with the service. Also since all three services are from one provider and interlinked  hence the provider puts in more effort to give you a standardized service as lack in any one may affect other services too. It also removes the worries of having to pay three different bills as the bill is unified for all three services. This can also be a disadvantage if you’re getting your services from a DSL provider as a downtime on one service means that the other two shall be unavailable as well which can be a huge bummer. However Fiber based services don’t suffer from this issue hence any downtime on one service will not affect other services. Also any hiccups on Fiber based services are rare because Fiber optic is a much more stable and reliable mode of connectivity than copper based ones. NayaTel, StormFiber and Fiberlink are the companies that are providing broadband bundles though the offerings are in limited areas right now but with time this is surely bound to grow!

Also these services offer Smart TV which means you can get a lot of added features such as using applications on your Smart TV. You can block unwanted content using parental controls as well as watch truly High Definition content if your TV supports it as providers are now offering HD channels as well. These are features that normal Cable TV providers are unable to deliver. Another advantage that currently PTCL provides is an app for handheld smartphones and tablets to stream content during special events such as cricket matches etc. Which also leads to another disadvantage of DSL based bundles that if you have multiple TVs you still can’t watch different channels on them because your modem is connected to a Master TV and all Slave TVs will get the same feed, which is probably why PTCL launched the app for mobile devices so the youth can watch their cricket matches whereas mothers can watch their dramas with peace. Also these services have great internet speeds and vast bandwidth limit because such services are aimed at a multitude of devices and users hence people who stream a lot of video content or do online gaming or downloading are the target market of such services.


We hope that this articles serves in the best interest of consumers who are thinking of getting a broadband bundle or are not satisfied with their current services and are looking towards a unified solution. As always SmartChoice is commited to helping it’s readers choose wisely and make the smart decision.