Is Prepaid Good For Me

Posted Date: Sat Jul 2016

Many cellular users in Pakistan opt for prepaid plans as not much is known about Postpaid by the general public and the layman thinks that Postpaid is expensive and for the business/corporate class. Also Prepaid connections are much easier to get as there’s no security deposit, no line rent and no personal documentation needed and can be bought from your neighborhood shop whereas for Postpaid connection you need to visit a franchise or a sales & service center. These are some of the concerns which make people think that Prepaid is a better and more easier option to choose while getting a new mobile plan.

However in this article we will focus on the fact that is Prepaid really cheaper than Postpaid/ Is Prepaid really good for me?  Or can the switch to Postpaid be cost effective. We have already written many articles that explain the merits of having a Postpaid connection but now we will make it clear to consumers whether Prepaid is a good choice or not.

For starters, the most obvious benefit of having a Prepaid connection is that you cannot rack up a huge bill as your credit will most probably end and you’ll get notified. In contrast you’ll easily make a big bill if you send too many messages or make a lot of calls then you’ll land up with a huge bill at the end of the month. Surely your line rent is your threshold limit and you can opt a Postpaid package with a lesser line rent but it still will not be as better as a Prepaid plan as in Prepaid plans you know what you’re spending as you have to load credit before you actually use it.

Secondly the most obvious benefit is that Prepaid plans come with a gazillion packages such as daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly. Most Prepaid subscribers use packages to minimize their costs and get the best bang for their back out of their Prepaid mobile plan.  In contrast Postpaid works on a monthly basis hence the bundles are also mostly based on monthly duration and are expensive as well.

Then comes the dreaded taxes. Since our telecomm sector is heavily taxed. Prepaid users always complain about paying so much money in lieu of taxation. In contrast, you can file for tax claim at the fiscal year end and get reimbursed if you have a Postpaid plan.

Prepaid can be good if you’re not a heavy user of calls/SMS or if you’re a student and have a limited budget to spend on your monthly cellular plan  expenses. But in case of an emergency if your credit runs out then it becomes a hassle to recharge whereas in Postpaid connections you can make emergency calls and messages without having to worry about credit or getting useless loans that have to be returned with an additional charge later on.

These are all the factors that can make Prepaid a yay or a nay for you. Do consider your usage and budget before you decide getting a new plan. Though we find Postpaid to be better but in some case scenarios Prepaid can be good for you!