Is WiMAX Good For Me?

Posted Date: Tue Jul 2016

Everyone these days is in the race to get a better internet connection and no one likes getting into a hassle of prerequisites and lengthy procedures. While DSL might be the best option for home based broadband it has a few issues of its own. The major ones being the lack of portability as well as the need of having a landline connection. To counter this fact, there are other options that can be helpful for those trying to get an internet connection without having to compromise on portability or having a landline connection installed.

The answer to this dilemma is WiMAX. It’s not a new technology by any means and infact this has not even gained momentum in the West. However in Pakistan due to lack of options for good internet and thanks to only one DSL provider i.e PTCL, people are trying to explore other available options. There are Mobile Broadband devices as well that offer portability but service quality varies a lot from one area to another and data limits could be potentially short of a user’s needs. Wimax offers fixed connections as well as Shuttle devices that can be connected to any PC via a USB port or can be connected to a wall outlet using a standard mobile charger or a powerbank having a USB port hence they offer the added dimension of portability as well.

Currently Wi-Tribe and Qubee are the only providers offering WiMAX services in Pakistan. Opting for a WiMAX device would let you skip the process of getting a landline connection and paying  unwanted monthly line rents even if you don’t need telephony services. This also saves costs in the long run. Also, DSL is targeted at users that want unlimited or large amounts of data for hardcore internet usage on multiple devices within a home. WiMAX devices on the other hand give good enough data volumes for a nominal monthly usage that is better than what Mobile Broadband devices would offer albeit one thing should be kept in mind that WiMAX offerings in Pakistan currently max out at 4Mbps which might be less for some users but usually it’s good enough for a satisfactory internet experience if you don’t use too many devices. Additionally the coverage is better than Mobile Broadband devices and you also get the option of installing an external High Gain antenna to improve WiMAX reception in case you don’t get proper coverage. Hence there are many benefits of getting a WiMAX connection and if you think your needs can be fulfilled within the limited speeds and data limits then it’s truly an affordable alternative to DSL that removes the prerequisites and reduces the monthly costs and should truly be taken into consideration.