Raise A Complaint Against ISP With PTA

Posted Date: Sat Jul 2016

Are you unsatisfied of the quality of service that your internet service provider is providing you? Or do you think you’ve been a victim of false claims or spamming? You’re not alone. Consumers worldwide face similar issues with their service providers however one can always complain by getting in touch with the respective helpline. If your concerns still go unheard then there’s no reason to be upset as there is an authority that you can approach.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is a regulatory body that oversees all operations of various service providers in the telecom industry and makes sure that everything is fair and can hold any operator accountable if any customer faces lack of satisfactory service regarding various aspects. It aims to be unbiased so if consumers feel they are not being heard by their provider, it will make sure that all your qualms are being heard and rectified at the earliest by taking matters in its own hands and directly communicating with any service provider on a consumer’s behalf.

What type of issues can I raise with PTA?

If you have raised the following issues previously with your ISP but your voice has been falling on deaf ears then they will be addressed by PTA: Provision of Service (Activation / Restoration / Closure / Up gradation) Quality of Service (Disruption / Faults in service, Poor QoS) Matters related to Billing (Overcharging, Unjustified deductions / Tariffs) Biometric Verification Issues Poor Customer Services (Acknowledgement of Grievances/Helpline Issues) Misleading Statements (Misleading advertisement, hiding facts about service and tariffs etc.) Non availability of service in an area (coverage issue) Issues related to Operators infrastructure Value Added Services Refund of Amount Fault in services Withdrawal of services Now that you are aware of the issues that can be taken up with PTA, let’s talk a little about what are the prerequisites, nature of issue and the procedure to lodge a complaint with PTA along with checking your complaint’s status as well. We will mention these in steps below which should be followed accordingly to make sure that your issues go through proper channels and are addressed in the best possible way.

Step 1: Approach the service provider first

One cannot just directly approach PTA to lodge any kind of complains before you’ve reached out to your ISP and your concerns have not been addressed within the promised time duration. PTA will only address your issue if the provider has failed to take a satisfactory action.

Step 2: Prerequisites for lodging complaint with PTA

Name, contact details of the complainant Unique Complaint Number given by the respective licensee to the complainant Time of lodging complaint to operator/Expiry of the timeline provided by the licensee to the complainant for the acknowledgement of the said complaint Brief details of the nature of the complaint

Step 3: Modes of registering your complaint

If you have all of the above information especially the complain/reference number given by your service provider’s helpline or customer service department then below are all the means through which you can contact PTA.  These include telephonic, email, fax, online and postal modes to convey your grievances.

At Consumer Protection Directorate , PTA HQs Islamabad


General Complaints a.  0800-55055 (Toll Free Number)

 b.  051-9225325 (Fixed Line Number)







Postal Mail / In person visitation

 CPD, PTA Headquarters, Sector F- 5/1, Islamabad.

At PTA Zonal Offices


 021-35655437, 35680101




 091-5829177 & 091-5837072







After you’ve corresponded your grievance with PTA, you should remember to ask for a reference number and a timeline that would be taken before you can get an update on your complaint.

Step 4: Check the status of your complaint with PTA

To check the status of your complaint registered against your ISP, you can check online at PTA’s website www.pta.gov.pk by going to Consumer Support> Complaints>Complaint Form and then click on Complaint Status on the top of the form. You can also contact PTA by telephone and give them your reference number that was provided to you at the time of lodging the complaint. Another way is to email PTA Consumer Protection Directorate at complaint@pta.gov.pk There you go, you can now breathe a sigh of relief as we’ve informed you of the complete process of lodging a complaint in the right way if your ISP fails to address your complain within the given timeframe.