Raise A Complaint Against Telco With PTA

Posted Date: Sat Jul 2016

The telecom industry is at its peak and progressing rapidly in our country. Pakistan has more than 115 million mobile phone subscribers. Currently there are 5 telcos working in our country and after the introduction of 3G/4G services in Pakistan, the rate has only increased.

However with the growing number of subscribers in the country, there also come a growing number of issues that consumers face on a day to day basis. These include things like getting spam SMS, lack of proper reception i.e Quality of service issues, Mobile Number Portability issues and so on.

Did you get in touch with your respective telecom provider and registered your complaint with them yet your issue still hasn’t been resolved? Fret not because there is a government organization that works for consumer rights protection.

This is where PTA comes into play. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is a regulatory body that oversees all operations of various service providers in the telecom industry and makes sure that everything is fair and can hold any operator accountable if any customer faces lack of satisfactory service regarding various aspects. It aims to be unbiased so if consumers feel they are not being heard by their provider, it will make sure that all your qualms are being heard and rectified at the earliest by taking matters in its own hands and directly communicating with any service provider on a consumer’s behalf. Are you facing any of the above issues or any other problems regarding your telco? Worry not because it’s fairly easy. We have listed a number of issues due to which you may consult PTA to communicate with your respective telco if your voice has been falling on deaf ears so far. We will also list the step-by-step procedure to register your complaint with PTA in the most appropriate way possible.

What type of issues can I raise with PTA?

If you have raised the following issues previously with your telco but they have failed to provide a satisfactory solution then they will be addressed by PTA: Provision of Service (Activation / Restoration / Closure / Up gradation) Quality of Service (Disruption / Faults in service, Poor QoS) Matters related to Billing (Overcharging, Unjustified deductions / Tariffs) Misuse of Service (Obnoxious, Unsolicited & Fraudulent calls/SMSs) Illegal Practices (illegal transfer of connections/ownership/issuance of SIMs /duplicate SIMs etc.) Verification Issues (user information/illegal use of CNIC/Issuance of  multiple SIMs on same CNIC) Poor Customer Services (Acknowledgement of Grievances/Helpline Issues) Misleading Statements (Misleading advertisement, hiding facts about service and tariffs etc.) Non availability of service in an area (coverage issue) Issues related to Operators infrastructure Mobile Number Portability related complaints Value Added Services (GPRS, Packages) Complaints against Suspected Grey Traffic Activity 3G/4G/LTE related issues Refund of Amount Spam Reporting 9000 Fault in services Withdrawal of services

Step 1: Approach the service provider first

One cannot just directly approach PTA to lodge any kind of complains before you’ve reached out to your telco and your concerns have not been addressed within the promised time duration. PTA will only address your issue if the provider has failed to take a satisfactory action. To register your complain with your telco, you may email or call them on their helpline. You will be given a complaint resolution time of upto 3 days/72 hours. If even after this time period your complaint is left unresolved then it’s time to move on to the next step.

Step 2: Prerequisites for lodging complaint with PTA

Name, contact details of the complainant Unique Complaint Number given by the respective telecom provider to the complainant Time of lodging complaint to operator/Expiry of the timeline provided by the telecom provider to the complainant for the acknowledgement of the said complaint Brief details of the nature of the complaint

Step 3: Modes of registering your complaint

If you have all of the above information especially the complain/reference number given by your service provider’s helpline or customer service department then below are all the means through which you can contact PTA.  These include telephonic, email, fax, online and postal modes to convey your grievances, all of which are listed at the PTA website www.pta.gov.pk and after you’ve corresponded your grievance with PTA, you should remember to ask for a reference number and a timeline that would be taken before you can get an update on your complaint.

Step 4: Check the status of your complaint with PTA

To check the status of your complaint registered against your telco, you can check online at PTA’s website www.pta.gov.pk by going to Consumer Support> Complaints>Complaint Form and then click on Complaint Status on the top of the form. You can also contact PTA by telephone and give them your reference number that was provided to you at the time of lodging the complaint. Another way is to email PTA Consumer Protection Directorate at complaint@pta.gov.pk That’s it folks, with the above mentioned steps, you can easily lodge a complaint through the proper channel and your issues can be resolved in the best way possible.