Why You Should Consider Switching To Postpaid

Posted Date: Sat Jul 2016

These days everybody owns a smartphone. We are all addicted to using our smartphones for various activities related to work and entertainment alike. For every smartphone to work, a mobile plan is needed. These come in two different types namely prepaid and postpaid. The names are pretty much self explanatory that in the former plan you pay and then use the services and in the other you pay after you’ve used the services for a month.

Majority of the users in Pakistan have subscribed to Prepaid plans apart from the corporate sector which mostly relies on Postpaid mobile plans. However nowadays Postpaid plans have become affordable and enticing for the masses which is why in this article we shall shed light upon why you should consider switching to Postpaid  subscriptions.

First of all the most visible benefit of switching to a Postpaid plan from a Prepaid one is that the hassle of recharging via going to easyload retailers or by scratching cards is eliminated and one can make calls and SMS without the worry of  your credit getting finished abruptly. You also don’t panic if there’s an emergency as you can contact anyone at any hour of the day.

Next comes more control over how you use your subscription. Most people think that in a postpaid connection things can get out of hand and bills can increase substantially however at the end of each month you can get your whole call history so you can know exactly how much did you spend on your calls etc. One more thing to know is that things don’t get out of hand because the maximum amount you’re limited to use before your outgoing calls are suspended is equal to the security deposit you pay at the time of getting the postpaid subscription hence get a package that has a lower security deposit so that even if you cross the limit you don’t have to pay a huge sum of money as your monthly bill. Also if you exhaust your credit limit then you simply have to pay some amount and not the whole outstanding bill to resume your services. Not only that, with the passage of time your telco will upgrade you to silver or gold customer which means you get more incentives such as increase of credit limit without any additional charges and priority customer care.

Speaking of customer care, postpaid users are also entitled to priority customer support over the helpline. Their calls have lesser wait times and their problems are resolved in the shortest period of time possible.

Are you a prepaid user that’s tired of promotional calls/sms by your telco on a daily basis? Having a postpaid subscription also entitles you to get rid of such spamming via calls and messages and you don’t get disturbed at an odd hour of the day or during your important tasks.

Then come the taxes. As a prepaid subscriber, you pay the taxes at the time of loading your scratch card and these taxes cannot be reimbursed back to you as you don’t have any black and white proof to file a tax claim. However in Postpaid subscriptions you can ask for a tax certificate from your telecom provider which can duly be used to file tax claims, which is in turn good for you as tax filers get other incentives from the government in contrast to non filers.

Postpaid subscriptions come with a monthly line rent that comes with free minutes, SMS and mobile data that can be used for the whole month and you don’t have to subscribe to different packages to get these services.

These are all the facts and features that should sway you towards switching to Postpaid connection. We also recommend it because it streamlines your monthly usage and gives an all in one service without the hassles and pet peeves that a Prepaid connection carries with it.