Wingle vs Mi-Fi Which One To Go For?

Posted Date: Tue Jul 2016

These days portability is a big factor when considering any communications based device as we are all living on-the-go, 24/7 online lives. From work to leisure to home, one is always checking social media, email or communicating with their near and dear ones. Owing to this, broadband providers have also come up with portable internet solutions for the public. Two of these are called Wingle and Mi-Fi devices. So the reader might ask, what are they, what purpose do they serve and which one should I go for?

To start off, Wingle and Mi-Fi are basically the same device with just one difference and that is the Mi-Fi having a power source of its own i.e a rechargeable battery pack inside the device whereas a Wingle device takes its power from a USB port of either a PC, powerbank or a wall adapter. Apart from that, both have a SIM bed where a 3G/4G SIM of a particular telco of your choice resides. 

Some things to consider while going for either of them is that first and foremost Wingle devices come cheaper than a Mi-Fi device which alone can be the deciding factor if you’re on a tight budget to get a portable internet device for on-the-go usage.  Mi-Fi can be beneficial for those who reside in areas that are prone to long hours of loadshedding which allows them to continue their work without being getting affected by loadshedding as the Mi-Fi devices last a few hours on the battery. Also these devices are good for people that are constantly on the move but if you’re someone that has access to a desktop PC/laptop or a power outlet at all times then it’s better to go for Wingle as it’s more suitable for you.

Having said that we hope that this short write up can let our readers distinguish between the differences of Wingle and Mi-Fi devices and can help them make the smarter choice while out in the market to get one!