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Askari Life Assurance Co. Ltd is part of one of the prominent multinationals in Pakistan, Army Welfare Trust (AWT). Their insurance solutions range from savings and family protection products to unit link products and customized plans for health coverage for Multinationals. As a company, Askari relies on innovation to be a key driver for future growth. Askari Life insurance believes that innovation allows for more customized solutions, digitization and sifter product development.

Currently, the authorized assets of Askari Life is Rs. 2 billion, out of which Rs. 1.10 billion is paid-up. A big paid-up capital base allows us to better station ourselves to provide great benefits and services to our individual and corporate clients.

Askari Life has a team of highly trained professionals and financial advisors. They offer a client fixated policy management system, swift claim processing and claim settlement with a strong financial backing. Askari Life is prominent in providing ultimate insurance experience with dedication adding value in the lives of their customers. Askari life has planned a service process that is highly responsive and custom-made to provide comprehensive peace of mind to all the clients. With this customer-centric approach, it helps their clients become industry leaders while all other challenges are handled by the provider. Askari Life is a member of the Insurance Association of Pakistan (IAP) and their shares are publicly traded at the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX).

The company has various reinsurance arrangements with the world’s leading reinsurers. The risk assumed by the company is transferred with these financially sound reinsurers of international standing. Furthermore, all Askari Life reinsurers are in the AA rating category indicating "very strong" capability to meet their financial commitments and comfortably falling within the secure range.

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