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Types of Plans available

There are two major types of plans available under the EFU life insurance plans ambit

Individual Life Insurance Plans

Group Plans by EFU life

Data Requirement

The basic data requirement from the employer is the list of employees with details regarding names, dates of birth and CNIC numbers. This data is required at each renewal of the policy i.e. each year. Timely adjustments of fluctuations can be made if the turnover of employees is communicated along with names, dates of birth, CNIC numbers and dates of leaving or joining.

Service Standards

At EFU Life strives to provide you with excellent services and serve its customers beyond their expectations. EFU Life has a friendly customer service and an enthusiastic and devoted sales force, EFU Life ensures its customers the best attention at all times.

EFU Life has set up stringent service standards so that they may satisfy their customers consistently

  1. Claim Settlement within seven days of submitting claim documents
  2. Service response to business queries within three working days
  3. ISO 9001-2008 certified operational procedures to ensure optimal quality services
  4. Well-trained staff with strong insurance background which assures sound information and knowledge
  5. Preparation of quotations within three days of quotation request generated from customer


This is a 14 days period during which you can meet your policy terms and conditions and can cancel the policy. During these 14 days the policy would be refunded

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