Jubilee General Insurance Motorcycle Comprehensive insurance policy is a comprehensive cover for your ride that you can count on for your vehicle. The rates offered by Jubilee General Insurance promises to provide all the insurance needs that the policyholder Motor Cycle requires. It keeps the policyholder and their motorbike covered if there is an accident or incident that is your fault.

Comprehensive cover will payout for damages to the policyholder's bike even if the accident was the policyholder's fault. This means that the procured insurance will pay for any repairs the 'third party's bike may need at that time.

Loss in case of damage to the vehicle by

  1. Accidental external means
  2. Fire, external explosion, self-ignition, lightning, and frost
  3. Burglary, housebreaking, and theft
  4. Malicious act
  5. Riot and strike damage
  6. Flood, typhoon, hurricane & cyclone
  7. Earthquake, volcanic eruption, or another convulsion of nature
  8. Risk in transit by air, road, rail, inland waterway, lift, or elevator.
  9. Transport of motorcycle to the nearest workshop in case it breaks down (Subject to Rs 100 limit)
  10. In the event of the motorcycle being disabled because of loss or damage:
    1. The insured may authorize repair of Motor Cycle necessitated by damage for which the liability of the company should not exceed Rs.200 for such repair.
    2. The company should be provided a detailed estimate of the costs incurred.

Third-Party Liability on the policyholder in case of

  1. Death or physical injury to a third party (except for the person employed by the insured)
  2. Damage to possessions of a third party (except for the property held in trust or custody by the insured of a third party)
  3. Protection to any person driving any on policyholder order/permission given that he is not entitled to protection under any other policy
  4. Coverage to the policyholder even when he is driving the motorbike not belonging to him and not hired by him under a hire purchase agreement
  5. In case of the death of a third party due to the accident, the insurance provider will protect the deceased’s representatives in the terms of and subject to the limitations as per the insurance policy.


In case of any emergency/incidents an immediate notice to the company to be issued in case of a claim arising.

In case of theft of the covered vehicle, immediate notification to the police is mandatory.

In case the policyholder loses his original excise duty and taxes papers, the policyholder should immediately inform the insurance company within 48 hours.

Policy Cancellation Terms & Conditions

The Cancellation of the bike insurance policy by the company or the insured on a 7 days’ notice with the return of premium on a pro-rata basis.

Key terms

AgeThe manufacturing year 2013 and above
Maximum Sum Insured/IEVRs. 160,000/-
Vehicle TypePrivate
Premium RateFor Honda - 11.25% of I.E.V | Others – 9% of IEV
Deductible15% of IEV in case of Theft/Snatch

Major Exclusions

These Consequential losses are part of major exclusions from the Jubilee General Bike insurance

  1. Devaluation/reduction in the price of vehicle and wear and tear.
  2. Mechanical and electrical breakdowns/failures of the motorbike.
  3. Certain Damage to tires and battery of the vehicle unless the vehicle (as per policy document criteria) is damaged too at the same time (company liable to 50% of the cost of replacement in that case).
  4. When the Loss arises from theft or criminal dishonesty or breach of trust by the policyholder, the driver, or known person.
  5. Any accident or injury caused/sustained outside the geographical area of the policy applicable too.
  6. Claim arising out of any prescribed obligation.
  7. Any loss that occurs in case of the vehicle being driven by any individual other than a driver mentioned in the policy document.
  8. Any loss happening from radiation, nuclear fuel, or weapons.
  9. Any loss being undertaken as a result of the policyholder driving under influence of drugs or substances.
  10. Any loss to the vehicle as a result of war, civil unrest.
  11. Other exclusions- Please refer to the policy document for a complete set of exclusions.

Add-on coverage

The add-on cover can be availed as a personal accident cover of Rs. 100,000/- for the policyholder.


The jubilee General bike insurance can simply be verified by logging into the website, click on the tab of E-verify. Enter your policy details and Voila your policy would be verified

Claim Process

In case of any incident, the policyholder needs to contact the insurance on the claims number as listed in the policyholder, policy documents as soon as the policyholder needs to make a claim. If the bike has been stolen or wrecked, the policyholder should also reach out to the police and get a crime reference number.

Your insurer can then decide to settle your claim by:

  • Sending you a cheque for damage compensation
  • Paying for repairs at an authorized garage
  • Covering the cost of replacing your bike


The renewal of Jubilee General Insurance is a simple process, the policyholder can apply online or call the UAN for renewal of the bike insurance policy.

To file a claim below mentioned details need to be submitted:

  1. Name
  2. Mobile Number
  3. Email
  4. Please fill (any 1) below information to proceed for claim intimation
  5. Registration Number
  6. Chassis Number
  7. Engine Number
  8. Policy Number

The policy can be verified swiftly online or by calling the insurance provider UAN Number.

File an FIR (in case of snatching) and lodge a claim at Jubilee General Insurance Company Limited

Any vehicle which has existing damages such as (or combination of below) I. Dents on all sides

  1. Broken panels due to rusting/corrosion
  2. Broken lights and faulty electronic connections
  3. Broken/Tampered Pallet where Engine/Chassis# is mentioned
  4. Broken/Tampered/Non-Genuine Number Plates
  5. Vehicles with Government Number Plates and Vehicles of Armed Forces
  6. All such vehicles should be declined

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