A motorbike is not just a vehicle but a passion for many, a motorcycle is an easy mean to commute in a metropolitan. It offers an easy and affordable ride to the masse, making it the most preferred ride for their daily travel.

Keeping this in perspective UIC Provides the best kind of motorbike insurance for a motorcycle. As UIC understands that it is crucial given the extent of risks associated with riding a motorcycle in and around cities anywhere in Pakistan. Moreover, as everything since our fines and challans is becoming digital it can be too expensive not to have valid bike insurance. The coverage that UIC motorbike insurance offers saves you from digging a hole in your pocket by taking care of your financial liabilities at the time of emergency. The third-party damage cover offered by UIC makes the policyholder stress-free as it takes away the liability from his shoulder and protects against any financial implications in case of an accident or incident.

What is covered in UIC Bike Insurance?

If there is any loss suffered due to any collision or accident, UIC the accidental loss cover provides the pre-determined coverage as mentioned in the policy document to the policyholder.

A Third-Party Bike Insurance is the type of bike insurance that only covers the minimum, mandatory requirement of coverage for losses and damages related to Third-Party Liabilities.

For example; If the policyholder happens to get into an accident with another bike, your UIC Third-Party motorbike insurance provides coverage for the losses caused to the third party. However, UIC third-party benefit wouldn’t provide cover for damages and losses caused to the policyholder bike.

UIC offers a total loss benefit in its policy, a vehicle is acknowledged as a total loss when the cost to repair the motorbike to its previous (original) state exceeds the cost of the vehicle’s worth. A motorbike is considered and declared as a Total Loss only if the cost of repairing damages is more than 75% of the Insured Declared Value (IDV).

In the theft or burglary feature offered by UIC motorbike insurance is when an assured motorbike and any other motorcycle are stolen, the insurance provider will compensate the policyholder the owner of the bike.

UIC motorbike insurance offers a personal accident cover offers you or the dependents compensation in case of any injury or death caused due to a misfortune event of an accident it offers the coverage of 10,000 in case the policyholder meets any predetermined conditioned mentioned in the policy document.

With United Insurance bike insurance the policyholder does not have to pay anything extra for any additional coverage, everything is covered in the policy obtained.

United Insurance Company offers bike coverage at 5% of the value of the motorbike to all its customers. By paying the amount the policyholder can procure coverage against all unforeseen risks. One thing that needs to be remembered is that premium should be the only criteria to choose a motorbike insurance policy but should depend on the needs and coverage required. Though calculating premium before purchase gives you a fair idea of policy quotes.

United Insurance motorbike insurance policy offers cashless claims on damage repair at the network garages in case of an accident. The policyholder has no liability here and won’t have to pay any charges for the items secured under the procured policy.

Factors you should consider before buying a Motorbike Insurance

One of the many things that discourage and frightens people from insurance are the long/troublesome processes. Therefore this should is one of the most important aspects the policyholder should look for. UIC offers quick claim processes and all within a few clicks, online for the customer.

What makes a motorbike insurance provider stand out from the rest is the kind of unique service benefits they offer. A policyholder should look for service benefits and see what makes more sense to them. UIC offers 24/7 customer service, as it understands the essence of the customer-company relationship.

An insurance provider claims settlement ratio will give the policyholder an idea about how successfully the company fulfils the claims. UIC offers a swift and hassle-free claim process. So Rahein befikr, and get motorbike insurance.

IDV is policyholder Declared Value, it is the maximum value your policyholder will pay you, in case your motorbike is damaged or stolen. It is understood that low premiums are enticing but they will not give the policyholder maximum financial benefit.

Always while buying policy check the IDV being offered and not just the premium. It is suggested to choose higher IDV, you know why? In the case of the total loss of the policyholder motorbike, a higher IDV leads to higher compensations. UIC offers a lot of flexibility concerning IDV as per your choice because UIC wants you to make the right decision without any compromise on your coverage.

You never know when you might need assistance, thus UIC is always available for you to guide you for claim submission or any other policy related need.

  1. The UIC motorbike Insurance policy doesn’t cover your bike’s natural wear and tear The policy cannot protect a motorbike from its depreciation over time
  2. The fiber and rubber parts of your bike aren’t protected within a standard motorbike insurance
  3. As a standard statute, bike insurance won’t cover losses or damages caused due to a nuclear attack or war.
  4. Riding under influence is against the law, any claims made where the policyholder was found riding under the influence of a substance won’t be covered.
  5. Riding without a motorbike license or expired license, well, anyone shouldn’t be riding a motorbike without a license or an expired one anyway! But if it’s found that anyone was, when they are making a claim, UIC will not provide a claim for such a situation!

FAQs related to Motobike Insurance

When will I receive my bike insurance?

Upon successful receipt of payment, an inspection of your bike will be scheduled and an insurance policy will be issued.

How is my premium/rate calculated?

It’s calculated in the same way as car insurance. The formula for calculating the rate is Premium = Value of Bike x Rate % of the insurance company.

What is the maximum value of a bike that can be insured?

Rs. 200,000 – (User should not be allowed to enter value of bike more than this)

Bikes up to which manufactured year can be insured?

UIC – Up to 3 years,

Which engine size can be insured via United Insurance?

70cc , 100cc , 125cc , 150cc

Which bike makes/company are covered?

Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Super Power, Kawasaki, Road Prince, Unique, United

What is the difference between comprehensive and third-party insurance?

The primary difference between a Third-Party and Comprehensive Bike Insurance is that of coverage benefits. While third-party bike insurance only covers third-party related liabilities, comprehensive bike insurance covers your bike’s damages as well and, also gives you the option to extend your coverage beyond just basic benefits, with a range of add-ons and covers.

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