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The presiding principle in Islamic finance is that all forms of interest are forbidden. Hence Islamic finance model works on profit sharing in which the bank and the customer agree to share the risk of any investment. However Islamic auto finance basically works on Ijarah principle of Islamic financial methods.It is based on the Islamic financing mode of Ijarah (leasing). This product is ideal for individuals who want to get interest-free financing for acquiring a car.

Car Ijarah works through a car rental agreement, under which the Bank purchases the car and rents it out to the customer for a period of 1 to 7 years, agreed at the time of the contract.The ownership of the asset remains with the bank until the installments are fully paid.Upon completion of the Ijarah period, the vehicle will be sold at a token amount or gifted to the customer.

Planning to buy a new car - whether it’s a brand new model or a secondhand vehicle, it’s always exciting but buying a car in today`s time is not a piece of cake, either you have to follow a long term plan which is known as saving or you can follow an easy path of car financing.It makes it simple for the consumer to get car on easy monthly instalments which results in less financial burden and other numerous benefits.

To find the best car finance options in Pakistan, it’s not easy to search and get to know about all the car finance products at once,it will take time that make things difficult where on the other side we have designed our comparison tool that will allow our user to compare car loans based on; interest rates, deposit requirements, arrangement fees, settlement fees and other applicable loan terms so you can compare the leading car finance products and secure the best deal for your needs at once under one roof.Once you feel satisfied with what you want, you can also apply from us and will make it happen faster.