Al Baraka Bank Car Financing

The Al Baraka Carsaaz is a compliant product offered by the bank for personal use. The project helps the customers to choose a vehicle of their own choice with a complete peace of mind. The product is best for the one who is willing to buy his/her own car without compromising on the beliefs and values.

Eligibility Criteria of Al Baraka Bank Car Loan

A salaried person with minimum 2 years of experiences and at least 6 months with the current employer is eligible for the product if they have a minimum income of 30,000 PKR per month and is aged between 22 to 62 years. while for a self-employed person or a business person the requirement is to have minimum 3 years of continued practice of business and net income of 50,000 Pak rupee per month and if they are aged between 24 to 65 years, to avail the opportunity.

Features & Benefits of Al Baraka Bank Auto Loan

The core features of the product include; sharia'ah complaint, transaction mode that is diminishing the musharakah, a quick processing with affordable instalments, up upfront instalment before the vehicle is delivered and charges during the advance booking period. It also offers the product with a payable tenure of 12 to 84 months with minimum processing charges.

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