Meezan Bank Car Ijarah (Car Financing)

The Car Ijarah, offered by Meezan Bank is first interest-free car financing product in Pakistan. The product is truly based on the Islamic Financing mode of the Ijarah or leasing and is the best option for the people who are looking to get an interest free financing to have their own car.

Eligibility Criteria for Meezan Bank Car Loan

For a salaried person, it is necessary to have minimum 3 months on the current job and with 2 years of continuous employment. A business person must have 2 years of continuous business with partnership or shares and income should be more than the per month rental. In both the cases the individual must have a clear e-CIB and data check, no overdue or default.

Features & Benefits of Meezan Bank Auto Loan

The Meezan car Ijarah offer lowest upfront payment and you will pay the rental payment after the delivery of the vehicle. It offers quick processing time; trackers will be installed with free monitoring and installation. Free health and death coverage for up to Rs 400,000 with security deposit low as 15%. The With Holding tax on vehicle buying will be paid by the bank and not by the customer.

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