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Fiber Optics based broadband internet which offers up to 300Mbps speed, it is a wired internet that`s lauded for its high reliability, ultra- fast speeds and low latency and ping times. Fiber Optics (FTTH) is suitable for heavy users such as online gamers or those who want to do a lot of online streaming/downloading or incorporate working environments.

However, currently, Fiber to Home is available in limited areas in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Fiber Optics internet installation usually takes around 2-3 weeks due to Fiber Optical cable being laid till your premises, these cables are made of glass or plastic, both of which are materials that facilitate fast movement of data along with their length.

In traditional ADSL broadband, which is delivered along copper wires, speed is lost quickly over long distances, with the result that speeds vary depending on how far a house is from the exchange.With fibre-optic broadband, however, less speed is lost over long distances. This makes it a superior option for those looking for super-fast broadband.Fiber To Home packages is good for those who share their connection among multiple users at home or need unlimited downloads.

Fibre Optics Internet providers in Pakistan include StormFiber, Satcomm, Transworld (TES), Nayatel and Optix Fiber.

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Fiber to the home is very essential if you play heavy games online, do online streaming,run a business or you hate slow internet, if you fit in any of the situation fiber internet is for you.Pakistan has some of the leading FTTH providers that are providing flawless internet for home and corporate use.

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In short, we don’t believe that you need to waste your precious time by searching and calling different FTTH providers, just to find a better internet connection that fits your budget.

In Pakistan sticking to a budget and getting value for money can be really hard, especially when you are confused about which connection you need that makes purchasing decision more complicated. Sometimes people end up paying excessive amount of bills for their internet, because they don’t actually know what they need.There are so many fiber internet providers having substantial number of packages that makes situation closed to impossible.

We are confident by using our comparison tool you will be able to find a better fiber internet connection without compromising on quality or performance.

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