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What is Broadband?

Broadband is just a general term for Internet speeds that reach a particular threshold. DSL offers fast enough speeds to fit in the broadband category, it is a telecommunication service that provides a variety of channels of data over a single communication medium (wire). Today, there is a vast variety of broadband technologies available in most areas of the world. A user with a broadband Internet connection has a much faster and more enjoyable experience while on the Internet when compared to someone with a dial-up connection. Broadband users can also purchase a network router and share their broadband connection between multiple computers in their home.

Now it is very easy to get best internet just according to your needs, if you are an online gamer or a small business you could go for FTTH (Fiber to the home) and if you prefer portability you can buy wireless mobile internet devices that can support up to 4g network and is very much affordable if you are using at your home.

Broadband in Pakistan

Pakistan is walking hand in hand with the technology world, and its is not a dream now to have a blazing speed internet for your home or office in Pakistan. As there are multiple broadband providers which includes PTCL, Wateen, Zong, Optix, StormFiber and etc providing different types of internet services with numerous speed and data bundle.The internet tree is divided into three types of branches that includes DSL, Fiber To The Home and Wireless. Currently DSL is provided by PTCL.

Do you face frequent downtimes, slow speed and lack of proper customer support? Are you paying through your nose for your internet package? It’s high time you make a smart choice and switch to a different provider. Internet is now everyone’s need and we are now more dependent on electronic media and internet. Finding a broadband connection that will cater all our need is very important, If you are a freelancer, heavy online gamer or likes to stream movies, comparing and selecting right internet is the first thing you should focus on. A little research through can provide you peace of mind in future.

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